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What’s the point of creating a website or application if users can’t figure out how to use it? A user-centered approach to designing a user interface (UI) is crucial to ensuring users interact with your product and keep coming back. The user experience (UX) packages below will help you create an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for your users that’ll ensure conversions and customer loyalty. View our full list of UX companies.

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List of Top UX/UI Design Packages

UX/UI & product design

We believe that the main asset of any business is the customer. The love and loyalty of the client to the business — are a reason why we need to create the perfect user experience. Our design UI/UX service allows you to create impressive products, enjoy users, and achieve business goals.

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Usability Testing User Research UX Strategy

UX/UI Design

We design elegant and functional but meantime, powerful digital product concepts ready for public display, integration into pitch decks, whitepapers, and further production and development.

UX Audit

Sometimes things are not as good as they seem! Have you ever bought something for its looks and the functionality turned out to be a complete disaster? The reason was probably lack of research and a poor user experience. At Southern Code we have a service determined to save the internet world from bad user experience! After all, it’s about the user! Isn’t it? We offer an effective review service that will allow you to get high-quality UX/UI insights from 2 weeks and improve the user experience of your product using your budget wisely. The benefits of a heuristic product evaluation: 1. Optimize your user experience. 2. Make your product trustworthy. 3. Raise your ROI. By the end of the journey, you will have: 1. A detailed list of UX/UI issues. 2. An effective prioritization to create a UX/UI roadmap. 3. Expert recommendations.

Clickable Software Prototype

The main goal of the UI/UX part is a Clickable Software Prototype that grants the deep Product Vision and provides easy Software Demonstrations to investors or potential clients long before its launch. It is a necessary, time-proven way to ensure the quality and uniqueness of the product built from scratch. What do you get? Color Scheme, Typography, all UI elements, Widgets, Icons, Infographic, User Flows, Templates within all prevailing Screen Resolutions, Grid System breakpoints, Responsive Desing Rules, Target Devices, and the Page or Screens Structure Uniqueness in terms of its content, and many other components. Every step of the process is meticulously documented. When the prototyping is over, the client receives every artifact and deliverable as part of their intellectual property.

UX Packages FAQs

Searching for a UX company but not sure where to start? Explore user experience design packages listed above or read through common UX package-related questions below.

User interface (UI) is the interface in which users interact with an application or website. It refers to the visual elements that users interact with, such as screens, toggles, icons, buttons, forms, etc…. UI design is about the visual design or looks of the page (e.g. colors, typography, graphics….) User Experience (UX) design is creating a user interface with a user’s experience and journey to ensure the interface is easy to use. It considers the logic of where things are placed and the steps users must take to achieve their goals.

Connecting reputable UX companies to other growing businesses and verifying their trustworthiness is what we do best. The companies listed above have been vetted and include verified reviews from real customers. You can also feel good about the UX packages being offered, each one includes transparent UX pricing and a clear scope of work—ideal for small-to-midsize businesses with a specific project in mind.

When users land on your website or app, there are actions you want them to take. These actions or conversions support your business goals. i.e. form submissions for email collection, asset downloads, direct purchases, scheduling a meeting, calling, etc.

From creating a seamless website experience to product and packaging design, UX design is critical in influencing the user journey. User experience design is the process of designing a UI with utility, ease of use and efficiency in mind. By prioritizing users’ experience in using a product, adoption of the product and conversion on the application increase.

The UX design process is often broken down into 4 key steps. User research: The UX research process involves understanding users’ behaviors, motivations and needs through interviews, focus groups and surveys. This helps designers understand how people use their existing product or related products, as well as what they want out of the product being designed. Design: The design process transforms the outcomes of the user research into a high-fidelity interactive interface. This often takes form in mockups and wireframes at first. Testing: Once the interface is designed, designers will often bring back users from the research stage and have them test, or interact with, the design. This phase is called usability testing and allows for additional feedback—ironing out any kinks that users may find cumbersome or unintuitive. Implementation: Finally, once testing is done, the interface is ready to be added to the product and launched for live users.

UX research methods include behavioral, quantitative, qualitative and attitudinal. Each domain touches on various tactics to gather valuable user information. This includes interviews, surveys, A/B testing, focus groups, field studies, analytics review, card sorting and more.

Popular UX design tools include Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, UXPin,, InVision, Overflow and more. A robust suite of design tools can be pricey, which is another reason to partner with a pro.