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Would you work with a business that does not have a strong online presence? Regardless of the business you are running, a modern website that builds trust in your brand is vital to compete in today’s hypercompetitive landscape. Opt for a web design package from an expert in the industry that will tailor it to your specific business goals. Whether you are an e-commerce business focused on selling products online, or you are a small local business looking to educate potential customers about your unique service offerings, these website packages ensure your business gets the online visibility it needs to succeed. View our comprehensive list of web design companies.

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Web Design FAQs

Web design packages are standardized website design services sold like products with a pre-set list of specific features, built in a specific timeline, and offered at a pre-set price point. While these tend to be simpler websites than a fully custom built site, packages come in a variety of ranges and price-points to fit most businesses needs.

Similar to the cost of building a website, the time to build it depends on the complexity of the website and the process by which it is built. Website development from start to finish typically ranges from 4 weeks to a year. Copywriting, SEO and other digital marketing efforts along with site functionality also require time and effort independent of the developer’s time.

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, those are two different services. Web design is all about the look and feel that the user experiences when they are browsing a website. Web designers focus on making the website visually appealing as well as intuitive to use. On the other hand, web development is all about the infrastructure of the site, or making sure the site does what you want it to do. Whether you hire a web design company or a web development company, they will deliver a fully usable site.

The cost to build a website varies widely depending on the complexity of the website and the process by which it is built. This can be anywhere as low as $10/month for a very basic out-of-the-box website to as much as $25,000 or more depending on size and complexity. You can imagine that it is a lot more costly to build a complex e-commerce site like Amazon than it is to set up a five page website for a local restaurant. There are 3 main ways to build a site. The most cost-effective way to build a website is through a website builder, like Squarespace or Wix, that allows people who do not have coding skills to stand one up quickly. That being said, it can take a lot of time and effort to get the end results you are looking for, especially if it’s your first attempt at building a website. This will run you as little as $10/month since all you are getting is access to the platform and hosting. You do all the rest of the work. On the other end is custom website building. This is the most costly option since you are hiring a professional to work with you to build a website that is specific to all your wants and needs, but takes all the work off your hands. Beyond the actual website design and development, they may also provide website hosting that keeps your site running, content development and other digital marketing services that promote your website. In the middle of the two, you have website design packages. Agencies offer these services to take all the work off your hands, and get your website up and running quickly. They tend to start from a template and make it fit your business needs from there.

While web designers will keep in mind your industry when designing your site, the extent of the SEO work will depend on the package you choose. Making sure that your website content is SEO-friendly and optimized for relevant keywords is crucial to being found online. You can find SEO-specific packages here:

A responsive website is designed to change appearance based on the screen size. This makes it easy to navigate on computers, tablets and phones.