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A great logo is memorable, distinctive and appropriately portrays the identity of your company in a simple image. Whether you need a logo for your brand new business or want to give your existing logo a facelift, these logo design packages will deliver a custom logo that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. View our comprehensive list of logo designers. View full list of logo design companies.

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List of Top Logo Design Packages

Logo Design Packages

My custom logo design packages are essential for new businesses, rebranding companies, or any brand that wants a refresh. Schedule a call and spark interest in your brand with a professional logo design.

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Pick the best logo design option for your needs. We guarantee the fastest turnaround and a high-level deliverable(s).

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Simply put, the purpose of a logo is to identify your business and brand. In order for a logo to be effective it needs to follow basic logo design principles and be practical, appropriate, distinctive, and convey its intended message. Whether you’re developing a new company, repositioning an established business or looking to redefine your brand identity, we work to ensure that your new logo properly reflects your company’s identity and story.

Logo Design Packages FAQs

Browse logo design packages from award-winning designers across the globe above. Or check out our list of commonly asked logo design questions below.

Logo design is the process of creating a logo for a business or a brand. Logos are a visual way to communicate your company’s message to your audience through text, color, graphics, shapes and illustrations. As part of a company’s branding efforts, your logo is often the first thing your audience sees and associates with your company. An established logo can help you build brand loyalty and grow your business.

A logo design package can vary based on your specific needs. It often includes a consultation to learn about your business, values and offerings to better understand your audience and the message you want to portray. Then designers will take your feedback and create a variety of logos in different styles. Packages also allow for a number of rounds of revisions for you to refine the logo with the designer and ensure it matches your business. The end deliverable is a logo in a variety of file types and variations to use across your digital and physical branded assets.

Logo design pricing can vary anywhere from $50 for a very simple, templated logo to tens of thousands of dollars. That being said, most small businesses looking for a new logo will pay between $250 and $1500 dollars. The price will vary widely based on whether you hire a freelancer or an agency, the research effort that occurs before the design process, how many options they are expected to design and the rounds of revisions you get once the logos are created.

There are 7 main types of logos: Monogram logos (or lettermarks) are logos that consist of letters, most other the initials of the brand the logo is for (e.g. LV for Louis Vuitton). Wordmarks logos are logos that include the name of the brand in their logo, without any additional symbols or images (e.g. the Coca-Cola Logo). Symbolic logos are logos that use an image as the representation of the company (e.g. Apple). Abstract logos are logos that consist of an image that is not recognizable beyond being the representation of the company (e.g. MasterCard). Mascot logos are logos based on an identifiable brand ambassador or character (e.g. KFC’s Colonel Sanders logo). Combination logos include both wordmark and symbolic aspects in one (e.g. Puma). Emblem logos are similar to combination logos in that they combine an image and text, but the text is within the image as opposed to next to it (e.g. Starbucks).

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