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Are you looking to build brand awareness and grow your online traffic quickly? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising helps you to get hyper-targetted traffic to your site that you can turn on and off as needed. Start driving more traffic, sales and revenue with one of the PPC packages below. View our full ppc agency directory.

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Today, it’s very common to see PPC ads all over the internet. Whether they are Google ads or social media ads- you’ve probably clicked an ad or two while browsing the net. In fact, 63% of consumers do. So if you’re a business owner looking for a PPC agency to manage your PPC accounts, then look no further. Read on to learn more about our PPC management pricing and get started today.

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"One of the best parts of our process is that we track everything and a person is always there to explain and/or modify your activities based on results. We have 20 years of experience in growth marketing and it shows in our ability to offer outstanding digital marketing plans. Pietryla PR & Marketing is a MarCom growth agency in Chicago that works with emerging and established brands looking to level up their brand, business, and bottom line. We find fulfillment when working directly with frank and fearless owners that are both passionate and principled, like us. We thrive during watershed moments in the life of a brand. We’re in the business of finding the blind spots, angles, and opportunities that empower communications decision-making and results. We strive always to do the right (sometimes hard) things and never sugar-coat reality. We earn trust through our actions as much as our words. While clients may come to us for our capabilities, they stay with us for our counsel."

PPC Packages

Online marketing is all about attracting the attention of potential customers and converting them into actual ones. Digital marketing includes a number of aspects, including PPC. Otherwise known as pay-per-click, PPC is the ultimate option to bring a website to the notice of a target audience PPC is the pillar which paves the way to success for a business. By subscribing to one of the affordable PPC packages from a reputed service provider, one can translate one’s plan into reality without spending a fortune. At AdsRole, we have a wide range of Google PPC packages to suit the budget of our clients. Quality PPC services offer a competitive edge to businesses these days. So, we strive for quality offerings at reasonable charges in this regard.

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Our specialist team will work closely with you to implement a pay per click advertising strategy that will identify where your most valuable customers are searching or browsing online and ensure your product and unique selling propositions are seen.

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PPC Package FAQs

If you're looking for upfront, transparent pricing on your next ppc project, a PPC package could be right for you. Browse our ppc package options above or read through our most common PPC-related questions below to guide your business decision.

Pay-per-Click advertising, or PPC, is an online advertising strategy that drives traffic to websites by having advertisers pay publishers every time their ad is clicked on by a user. Advertisers select a budget and bid a certain dollar amount on keywords they are willing to pay for 1 click to their website. The cost per click, or CPC, of specific keywords, varies widely based on how competitive the keyword is, how much traffic or searches those keywords receive and the potential revenue gain from converting that lead. The overall quality of the ad also determines how likely users are to click on it, driving down the cost per click for advertisers. PPC is most often associated with search engines (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Amazon Ads) and social media ads (Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Linkedin advertising).

Prior to reaching out to an agency, you should have a clear understanding of your goals for a PPC campaign. PPC goals are usually categorized in one (or a few) of the following buckets: 1. Building brand awareness 2. Growing traffic to a specific page of your website 3. Adding more leads to your sales journey Once you have settled on your goals, look for the following when interviewing potential PPC agency partners: Focus on data and results - PPC agencies should be strategic in their planning of your companies and be able to tie dollars spent to results. Focus on the right PPC channels - Ensuring your ads are displayed where your audience spends time is key to a successful campaign. If your target audience is on Instagram, but rarely on Linkedin, your agency should be able to advice you on how to best spend your budget to maximize ROI. Industry knowledge and research - Knowing which keywords to target (and which not to) is key to achieving your PPC goals. Expertise in other online marketing strategies - Even if you only work with an agency for PPC campaigns, they should still have a strong understanding on how different channels could help you achieve your goals and when PPC is the bests solution for you.

PPC costs are divided into 2 buckets: 1. Cost of the ads themselves paid to the publisher for clicks 2. Cost of PPC management paid to an agency PPC cost will vary greatly The cost per click of your ads will vary on the competitiveness of the keywords you are bidding on. The cost of PPC management to the agency depends on what the agency is responsible for, as well as your ad budget for the campaign. The larger the campaign the more costly its management cost. On average, the cost of PPC management will be between 10% and 20% of your ad spend.

While agencies may package their services differently, packages will often include: Strategy session to align on goals for the campaign; Keyword research; Competitor analysis; Ad copy; Campaign tracking and reporting; Dedicated account manager.