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What’s the point of having a website if nobody can find it? Enhance your website’s visibility and improve your online rankings with a search engine optimization (SEO) package from experts in the industry. Whether you’re a small local business in Derry, Northern Ireland or a large e-commerce enterprise in Seattle, these SEO plans contain a wide variety of features and pricing designed to deliver the best results at a great value for your business. Upstage your competitors with help from a reputable and vetted SEO agency. View our comprehensive list of SEO companies.

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that improves the visibility and rankings on search engines of a website. These increased rankings and visibility grow the organic search traffic a website earns by making it easier to be found online. SEO professionals employ a variety of techniques in 3 main categories: 1. On-page SEO - optimizing visible content on your website for specific keywords you are looking to rank for on search engines. This includes developing content, headings, title tags, meta tags and internal linking to other content on your site. 2. Off-page SEO - improving search engine and user perception of a website—building signals like popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. Link acquisition, links pointing from another site to yours, is one example of how to grow website authority and trust signals.These links are seen as a vote of confidence for your website and show search engine crawlers that your website is important within your industry. 3. Technical SEO - making your website easy to crawl, scan and index so search engines can easily digest the content and serve it up as results for users. From site structure to broken links to canonical tags, there are a myriad of factors that go into building a successful technical SEO strategy.

Finding the best match for your specific needs isn’t always easy. Here are 3 tips for choosing the best provider for you. 1) Look for transparent and realistic offerings Good SEO takes time. Great SEO professionals have a toolkit to assess your business's needs and know how to deliver the best return-on-investment and prioritize efforts. Good SEO professionals will keep up with the ever evolving Google search algorithm and take precautionary measures when algorithm updates are announced. That being said, anyone claiming to have special insight into Google’s algorithm or guaranteeing ranking results is likely not being honest about their expertise. Understanding how and what an agency will report regarding their work month after month will help you ensure that you know where your dollars. 2) Align on clear goals and results If an SEO company doesn’t ask, ‘How do you measure success?,’ that’s a red flag. While the main purpose of SEO is to improve your search engine rankings and grow your online traffic, your SEO goals should be more specific. In the discovery phase, ask agencies about similar part client challenges and how they set goals for those projects. 3) Read client reviews Client reviews are the best way to get an unbiased perspective on an agency’s work. They serve as social proof and give you insights into what it’s like to work with an agency: how do they manage projects? Do they achieve results? What are their strengths and weaknesses? It’s also not a bad idea to request a case study for a similar organization. Luckily, you can read in-depth client reviews and on each company’s Clutch profiles!

The cost of SEO varies greatly based on the specific services needed, the expertise of the SEO provider and the scope of work. If you are in a very competitive market, it may take a lot more work (and money) to achieve similar results in a non-competitive market. That can mean anywhere from $1,500/month for content development, $5,000/month for a modest link building campaign or $20,000+ for full-service SEO of a large website. - SEO is usually priced in 1 of 3 ways: - Monthly retainer for outsourcing the full service - Fixed-price for a specific deliverable to complement in-house work - Hourly consulting for expert advice

There are pros and cons to both SEO and PPC. So, it depends on your business and your goals. Typically it is best to deploy both strategies at the same time if budget allows as they complement one another. SEO focuses on visibility on organic results and growing organic traffic. On the other hand, PPC focuses on paid traffic, or traffic coming from advertisements on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO gives you consistent results and helps you increase the brand awareness and authority of your website. It has staying power, but it takes longer to see results and you can’t pay Google to improve your rankings. PPC is like a faucet. It helps you get traffic very quickly by turning it on, but the traffic goes away when you turn it off (e.g. your budget runs out.) On the upside, PPC helps you better target the traffic you get (say you only want to get traffic from users on a desktop) and you can experiment and test very quickly.

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, is a strategy that focuses on helping businesses improve their visibility in local search engine results. Think map packs, Google Business profiles and your website’s location pages. Any business that caters to clients in a specific location, like a restaurant, shop or agency, will want to optimize their website for local searches. If you Google companies in your industry within a specific location, you will likely see a “Google local 3-pack,” or a map highlighting 3 local businesses, in the results. This is an incredibly valuable piece of SEO real estate for local businesses because it is very prominent within the results, particularly in hyper-local markets. Adding relevant details about your business to your Google Business profile is just as important and can help your business stand out and take up valuable real estate in search, especially for mobile users.