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Did you know that customers who received offers via email end up spending over 100% more than those who do not? In fact, with an average ROI of 4000%, email marketing is the most effective way to send personalized messages to customers that convert. Whether you are looking to retain customers or update them with news about your company, these email marketing packages offer flexibility in pricing and deliverables to get you the results you are looking for. View our full list of email marketing agencies.

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Email Marketing Management Service Plans

At WebFX, we’ll take care of your email marketing for you. We’ll manage your campaigns, and ensure that your email content is top-notch so users visit your site and purchase your products and services. Our email marketing management services include content creation and personalization, and we’ll help you choose the campaign package that fits your business needs and goals best.

Email Marketing

Increase your revenue and ROI with winning email marketing campaigns and flows. Utilize the best 1:1-in scale communication tool you have with your contact list to increase purchases and gain more returning customers.

Email Marketing Pricing

Email marketing provides one of the best ROI metrics for businesses in every industry. If you’re not focusing on this service right now, you could be missing more customers than you realize! Our team can help you use this approach to develop high-quality traffic, increase conversions, and much more! If you’re ready to talk to an expert, contact us today to see how email marketing could change everything!

Email Marketing Package FAQs

Browse email packages with transparent pricing from award-winning email marketing companies above. Or read through some of our most common email marketing questions below.

Email marketing is an online marketing tactic that uses email communication to customers and potential customers to promote a company’s offerings, build brand awareness and share updates about the company. Email is one of the best ways to deliver targeted messages to your audience and push them through the specific buyer journey that will make them convert and retain them in your book of business. Even with the rise of social media, email marketing is still the primary customer acquisition tactic for more than 75% of small businesses in the US. With the highest average ROI of all digital marketing channels, email marketing returns bring in $40 for every dollar spent.

Email marketing pricing will vary widely depending on the scale of the campaign(s) you are looking to run. Sending a monthly newsletter using a pre-built template can cost as little as $100/month once your email marketing system is set up, while a complex automated drip campaign can cost thousands of dollars to execute properly. Another thing to consider is how much you are taking on in-house versus having an agency take care of the whole campaign. For example: Who is designing the email templates? Do you have a list of recipients or does it have to be built over time? Who is writing the copy of the email? Who is creating the flow and strategy?

A drip campaign is an automated series of emails sent to individuals who have taken a specific action. The purpose of this sort of email is to send the right personalized email at the right time to get individuals to take a specific action. Common drip campaigns include abandoned cart campaigns sent to individuals who added an item to their cart but did not purchase it.

Popular Email Tools include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, MaisletLite, Drip, GetResponse and Campaigner. Email marketing campaigns can also be created using marketing automation tools that are designed to address multiple marketing, sales and customer service needs within 1 tool.

There are 3 types of emails that most people use for their email programs. Email newsletters - Easily the most popular type of email campaign, newsletters are regular emails sent to a subscribed list of recipients containing curation informational content (often blog posts, news articles or helpful resources). Transactional emails - These emails are messages sent to individual recipients as a result of a commercial action or other action they took on your website, store or application (e.g. purchase confirmations or password changes) Lead nurturing emails - These emails are often a thoughtfully created sequence of emails personalized to each recipient to carry individuals who are new to your sales funnel through to making a purchase.

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