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The Making of the Clutch 1000: Our Selection Methodology

August 22, 2020

by Clutch Team

Learn how to make the list of top-performing B2B companies – The Clutch 1000. It's an exclusive club for B2B companies with a proven ability to deliver quality work to their clients.

How Do We Choose The Clutch 1000?

The Clutch 1000 features the companies with the highest ability to deliver scores on Clutch.

Your ability to deliver score considers 4 criteria:

  • Recency, number, and quality of Clutch-verified reviews published to your company profile
  • Types of clients you work with
  • Services you offer and your experience providing those services
  • Brand reputation and visibility in your target market

How Do We Collect Client Feedback?

Clutch analysts interview each company’s clients over the phone, which ensures all reviews are verified, comprehensive, and unbiased.

We ask your clients about their experience working with you throughout the partnership. After transcribing and editing the conversation, we publish the review to your company profile.

Your clients also have the option to leave an online review at their convenience. Once submitted, reviews are edited and published to your company profile.

To boost your chances of being named to The Clutch 1000, we recommend identifying 3-5 clients to share their feedback. Submit them as references today!

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