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What Are OTT Apps? How Can You Leverage Them?

February 21, 2019

by Amir Shahzeidi

Social Media Manager,

Over-the-top (OTT) apps offer businesses control over how they distribute their content and customers control over how they consume it. Consider the short and long-term benefits of developing an OTT app for your business. 

Over-the-top (OTT) is a method of delivering video content through the internet using app platforms that do not require a user subscription to access. 

Gone are the days where people are willing to put up with concepts such as "appointment television." If people want content, they want it now – no matter their location, time, or device.

OTT video offers content providers, including B2B businesses, an opportunity to distribute their video content as a standalone product directly to their target audience.

Instead of operating within the confines of telecommunications companies or broadcast television platforms, OTT apps allow you to speak directly to your audience through your own branded apps on mobile and TV devices.

Currently, there are more than 51 million households in the U.S. who use an OTT platform or app to stream content on a regular basis, which amounts to than 50% of internet-connected homes in the US. They use these apps for more than 100 minutes every day. 

The chances are high that as a B2B brand, you're already creating more content than you have at any point leading up to now. OTT apps give you a new opportunity to distribute and monetize your content and benefit your audience. 

OTT Apps Help Your Company Take Advantage of the 'Video Revolution'

In the short-term, OTT apps give you the opportunity to participate in the video content revolution and open new revenue streams for your business. 

We've reached a point where people produce video content more than all the major television networks in the U.S. in the last 30 years combined. Not only will video soon be the major source of internet traffic around the globe, but over half of that content is consumed on mobile devices

Devices People Use to Watch Videos Online

Source: Uscreen

OTT apps can change the way you connect with your B2B audiences.

Through OTT content, you can provide customers with access to an endless stream of content and communicate with a large group of people at any given moment. 

For example, you can create a series of instructional videos and allow people to rent them for a small fee or charge a single subscription fee that unlocks all of your content. 

You can also allow people to purchase individual pieces of video content, allowing users to take only what they want when they want.

Many large businesses use OTT services to host their online employee training programs and develop apps that provide their employees with 24/7 access to their educational and instructional content.

The Flexibility of OTT Apps Hooks Customers

People increasingly prefer video content – to the point some speculate that we are entering a post-text world

Customers want access to video content from providers at their convenience. Once they've experienced this flexibility, they won't return to consuming content on someone else's schedule. The consistent decline in cable subscriptions is proof of this.

As of January of 2018, 85% of U.S. internet users stream video content on their devices daily, and 95% of people do in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 

Online Users Video Consumption Habits_By Country


This drastic shift in how we consume video content drives the OTT market's growth: In 2015, it was valued at $28.04 million. By as soon as 2022, that number is predicted to be $62.03 billion

Business success is about solid and stable growth. Developing an OTT app for mobile and TV devices can help you grow your business audience and revenue by as much as 30% in the short-term.

In addition, marketers who use video grow revenue at a rate of approximately 50% faster than non-video users. OTT apps let you extend these benefits even further. 

People enjoy flexibility for choosing the source of the video content they consume and the schedule on which they view it. Through OTT apps and services, your company can take full advantage of that trend.

OTT Apps Create Benefits For Your Company and Customers

OTT apps provide full control over your content, its accessibility, and its reach. 

They let you deliver the experience that your customers want in a way that you totally control. OTT content leverages the video revolution to your full advantage in a way that creates a mutually beneficial situation for you and your customers.

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