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How to Make Your Outsourcing Firm's Landing Pages More Effective at Lead Generation

September 10, 2019

By improving the quality of the content of their landing pages, outsourcing software developers can increase conversion rates and attract more customers. In this article, we'll provide some practical tips.

For professional marketers, including those working in the outsourcing development sphere, finding potential customers remains one of the most important issues.

Statistics from HubSpot state that 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads their top challenge.

What are your company's top marketing challenges?

Other challenges include securing enough budget, training team members, and simply managing the website itself.

One of the greatest ways to get leads for your outsourcing software development team is to create relevant, high-quality landing pages or improve the content of your existing ones.

At Kraftblick, a digital agency for custom software and SaaS companies, we know that by improving the quality of your pages’ content, you can increase your conversion rate and attract more customers.

How to Make Effective Landing Pages

  1. Improve your pages' content
  2. Update your pages' content
    • List your competitive advantages
    • Prove your expertise
    • Make pages easy-to-read

Improving Your Pages’ Content Can Increase Conversion Rate and Attract More Customers

Through creating better content for your customers, your business will benefit significantly. In this article, we will explain how the content of landing pages may affect your conversion rate and provide you with some practical tips. Before going into the variety of content your team can craft to better your website, here are some key points:

Improving Content Shows Potential Clients You Understand Their Problems

Today, customers want outsourcing developers to understand their pain points. This greatly increases the chances that your company is chosen as a service provider. Otherwise, a potential client may go to your competitors.

According to a Salesforce survey, 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs.

Improving Content Shows Your Expertise

Why should a client hire your software development company and pay more for your services compared to hiring a freelancer or a cheaper provider?

You need to explain to a client that while your services cost more money, you are more experienced and professional, so working together will pay off. For example, some teams may compare hiring their developers with other options to convince customers.

Company comparison

 Source: Chetu

Off-shore development firms may offer 24/7 phone support, while freelancers probably will not. In addition, your content should show that you care about customers and that you are interested in their cooperation. This will also help sell your team’s services more profitably.

The Genesys State of Customer Experience research says that one in three customers is willing to pay more to receive a higher level of service.

Updating Your Pages’ Content

We’ve discussed why you should improve your company’s landing pages, now let’s going into what you and your team can do to create unique and interesting content. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that the content of your pages works as it should:

1. List Your Team's Real Competitive Advantages and Present Your Company in the Right Manner

To do this, you need to know your target audience, but in our experience, there are some common points that are important for most customers.

To increase the chances of being chosen as a service provider, you can use these or similar statements:

“We Help Businesses Solve Real, Practical Issues”

As we have already said, customers want you to understand their problems, so you should think not only about code but also about the benefits it can bring. For example, this administrative software created by Belisoft eased processes within a school and had lasting benefits.

Solve issues

Source: Belitsoft

Showcasing an excerpt like the one above on landing pages will back up a company’s impact and skillset.

Use this thesis on your page and use your experience and knowledge to develop it.

“We Provide High-Quality Services"

Customers want a quality product, so your team’s professional level is an important indicator.

Of course, “quality” is quite a loose concept, but most clients want their product not to contain bugs or security holes. Clients also want quality software no matter the time it takes.

high-quality programming

Source: ScienceSoft

Assure your potential clients that you’ll provide the best service possible in a timely manner.

Try to demonstrate your professionalism to customers and confirm it (we’ll talk about this a little later).

“We Are Reachable During Your Working Hours”

Many customers fear that the work on the project will be delayed due to poor communication. This is especially important if you and your customers are in very different time zones. Despite time differences, seamless communication and efficient project management should be stated as a priority.

Ideal communication and project management

Source: Cuelogic

If your company can really solve the problem of time discrepancies (you need to be honest with your customers), put this on your landing page.

“Our Team Works Quickly”

Many customers may fear that the project will lose relevance due to delays during the development process. Your landing page should specify your team’s commitment to delivery.


Source: ValueCoders

In the example above, ValueCoders stated how staying on schedule benefitted other skills within their team.

Tell your potential clients that you will never lose sight of their project.

“We Are Reliable Software Developers Aiming for Long-Term Collaboration”

Clients do not want you to disappear while you are working on a project or change your mind about doing the job, because this will cause delays and monetary losses.

Show that your company is interested in partnerships and is ready to spend all the necessary time to work on the project. For example, on BairesDev’s website, they made sure to detail their team’s strengths. 


Source: BairesDev

Of course, these are not all the things you can say to potential clients, but these are the main points that may be important to most customers.

Also, you can conduct competitor research to get some positioning ideas. To do this, study the landing pages of your closest competitors and check exactly how they present themselves.

2. Prove Your Company’s Expertise and Reputation

No matter how you position your outsourcing company, without confirmation of professionalism, few people will choose you as a service provider.

To prove your expertise and reputation, you can do the following:

Showcase Real Projects You’ve Worked On

You can write several case studies and place them on your landing page. Potential customers can check your experience and see how you cope with difficulties during development. As shown below, ScienceSoft wrote a case study about their work on the popular Viber app.

Viber App

Source: ScienceSoft

This case study showcased the real impact that the team at ScienceSoft had on the application.

Show Your Ratings in Popular Directories

If your company is listed in directories and has a good rating, you can indicate this fact on your landing page. InCrys used a Clutch widget to showcase this.

Clutch widget

Along with showing the company’s rating, it states how many client reviews the company has.

List Positive Customer Reviews and Testimonials

It will be easier for clients to trust your team if they see that other customers are satisfied with your services. SENLA took a more detailed approach by showcasing one of their positive Clutch reviews.

SENLA Clutch review

Source: SENLA

Seeing a full review gives site viewers an idea of what skills and the type of projects the developer can tackle.

List Your Organization’s Awards and Certificates

If your team received any awards, indicate this fact on your page. You can also show the technical certificates received by your engineers. Svitla Systems created a colorful graphic to showcase one of their wins.

Svitla Systems Award

Source: Svitla Systems

The graphic also displays the option for users to learn more about the award.

3. Make Sure Your Pages Have Good Text and Design

The last point but not the least.

It is not enough to describe the advantages of your company. You also need to make sure that your text is readable and easy to understand.

At a minimum, you need to make sure that the text is divided into paragraphs, that it contains unique pictures (not stock photos) and that it is grammatically and stylistically correct. For example, this text would be much easier to read if it was divided into smaller sections.


 Source: Belitsoft

Besides paragraphs, big chunks of texts can be easier to read through when structured with emphasizing certain words, creating headings, or adding bullets.

To ensure that the text is suitable for English-speaking audience, you can hire a native speaker to read and edit the text.

Improving the landing pages and their content may seem like a daunting task, but using the simple tricks and tips of other similar providers can be a helpful starting point for your business. 

A Well-Designed Landing Page is Key to a Successful Business

Outsourcing software developers can increase conversions and attract more customers by improving the content of their landing pages.

Moreover, quality and relevant pages can encourage customers to spend more money on software development services.

As IT marketing experts, here is what we can advise you to improve your landing pages:

  1. Position your company correctly and list its actual advantages
  2. Confirm your expertise and reputation with facts
  3. Improve the quality of text and design

If you use this list of helpful tips and suggestions, your landing page is bound to be the talk of the software development world and will increase leads for your business.