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7 SEO Tools for Businesses

September 20, 2019

by Henny Kel

Digital Marketer and Brand Consultant, Designhill

In the highly competitive business world, where everything is conducted online, your company’s success rests on its visibility to potential customers on the web. Companies that are visible instantly on the top search results drive more customers than those buried deeper in the search rankings. Learn 7 tools to help with your SEO strategy.

SEO is essential to modern businesses. For online businesses, SEO is crucial, but even for running a successful physical shop, as people first search online to find out which shops are best to visit. 

It’s not an easy task to drive traffic your way amid fierce competition. Businesses need to target their audiences using the right keywords. They also have to analyze their competitors and track their rankings.

Monitoring traffic, content marketing, and identifying technical problems all require the right optimization tools. You have to precisely target your audience using many SEO tools. Wise optimization professionals understand the value of exploring all such tools simultaneously and to their maximum advantage.

But the dilemma faced by SEO professionals is which tools are best for the desired results. Dozens of such tools are already available to them, but not all of them are equally effective when it comes to achieving the traffic goals.

So, to help you out, here are top SEO tools that every company should be using.

7 SEO Tools Businesses Should Use

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Rank Ranger
  4. Moz Local
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. SEMRush

1. Google Analytics Showcases Essential Data

Google Analytics empowers users with the essential analysis data about marketing tactics and their performance. With this information in hand, you can continue with the tactics or make improvements. You also come to know about the marketing tactics that will work well for driving leads. This free tool is a way to achieve more sales conversions.

Uber Analytics

It is also an excellent tool to look into your visitors’ behavior on your site. If you find out that they leave your site early, you can then revise your strategies or even redesign your website. The analytics tool gives insight into your visitor's preferences about the content type. Once you know which type of content they like the most, it will help in recreating your content marketing strategies.

2. Google Search Console Gives Insight Into Site Performance

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is yet another free SEO tool from the repertoire of Google. This site is especially useful in giving advanced warnings and alerts about anything going wrong with your website. It provides users with a lot of valuable analytical data to review about their website's performance.

Google Search Console

The platform allows users to have access to crucial data such as keyword rankings that lets them know where their website ranks for a particular keyword. Users also get to know about the number of clicks per keyword. One of the most useful data users can access is how many times the site was visible to the users for each keyword.

Users also can see the click-through rate when their website shows up for visitors. This means you can find out how many viewers who saw your website link and actually clicked on it to visit your website.

3. Rank Ranger Tracks Specific Keywords

Rank Ranger is most commonly used for tracking keyword rankings. Users have the option to know where their website stands in rankings for primary keywords of business.

Rank Ranger

The service shows a rank risk index to measure Google’s SERP fluctuations. It helps users understand if the positive or negative change in theirwebsite data is due to page optimization, or due to any change happening in Google’s algorithm. Its rank tracer tool gives an insight into website’s performance through reports and graphs.

This tool also lets you track and analyze your backlinks, and find the best keywords for PPC and SEO. You also can view your competitors’ ranking performance in the top search engine results. It gives you a side by side comparison of both your competitors’ and your website performance, along with each ranking for each keyword.

4. Moz Local Manages New and Duplicated Data

Moz Local is particularly helpful to audit citations quickly. With this tool, users can find out about the consistency of their information across various directories. The listings alerts feature helps users know on the spot if their listings have been edited, or if other sources such as Google are showing incorrect information related to their business.

Moz Local

Moz Local will also let users know if any duplicate listings are causing the lowering of the website’s ranking on the SERP.

5. Ahrefs Analyzes Backlinks and Search Results

If you want serious backlinks and SEO work done for your website, then Ahrefs is the right choice. The platform has a whole package of backlink tools.

The first step for using Ahrefs is to find out where your website stands. You can analyze your site to find out if its backlinks profile is right. The backlinks should be from credible and legitimate websites.


In case, there are many backlinks from spammy sites; Google may punish your site. That means ranking higher in search results will become increasingly difficult for your website. Therefore, Ahrefs helps detect those undesirable backlinks so that they can be easily removed.

Ahrefs is also a useful tool to know more about your competitors’ backlinks. You can easily find out where are they getting their backlinks from. This will help your business come out with a winning SEO strategy.

6. Ubersuggest Performs Extensive Research

If you want to use quality SEO tools for free, then Ubersuggest is the option your business should be exploring. This comprehensive tool lets users do extensive research. It uses the power of the phrases suggested by Google to deliver the right results. You can create your own piece of content that is SEO-friendly.

Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is the perfect tool for keyword research. It allows users to do real-time keyword research backed by Google. This means that you have access to Google's science behind the data search. 

7. SEMRush Optimizes and Creates Content

SEMRush is one of the popular SEO tools amongst bloggers. They use this site to create and optimize content. The site allows them to know which content is mostly wanted by the audience. They can then create blogs for their target audience. This site allows you access to profitable keywords.


Another reason for the popularity of SEMRush is that you can use it simultaneously for many sites. So, for example, if you own a corporate website as well as a personal blog, this tool will work for your both the sites at the same time.

You should also explore this site to know which trends are emerging up in your business niche. You can identify and target them with the right keywords. Besides these features, SEMRush also lets users check backlinks and rankings.

Find the Perfect SEO Tools for Your Business

Each of these SEO tools is equipped with essential SEO functions. At the same time, they are also known for a specific tool that is their specialty. Therefore, users need to access their SEO requirements of the website at present and then opt for the right tool. Your new business can start with free tools due to a tight budget. After some time, you can opt for the paid tools.

But before you start using them, make sure that your website is user-friendly. Your website design is crucial to the success of your SEO strategies. If you are a small business owner, you can outsource your website design work to sites like Designhill. This marketplace entices many website designers to work on your brief, allowing you to pick a winning design quickly.

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