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Best SEO Practices in 2019

July 31, 2019

Invest in the right SEO practices and gain more site visitors. Use content, video, and targeting to better rank in search results. 

Handling business efficiently is harder than expected because today people are ignoring inbound marketing techniques. 

Marketing theories change over time. Improving your business’s SEO is not news in the digital world. 

People started using various SEO strategies to bring traffic to their sites and create a return on their investment. Best SEO tactics help people overcome business challenges and enhance returns. 

Here is a list of some effective practices that ensure valuable returns and increase brand awareness among your target audience. 

Content Always Matters

Content is always important to create and curate. To be first in search or enhance your rank on SERPs, post accurate and high-quality information. 

Start writing about industry trends that are relevant to your readers and make sure to develop content that reveals what you can offer to your readers as a service. Include keywords in your content to ensure that when people search for certain terms, your articles appear first on the results.  

For example, Buildfire wrote an article about how to become a mobile app developer to help its readers learn more about what the job entails. Buildfire uses the keyword "mobile app developer" to rank for the term app development and appears in the top search results. 

App Development Search Results

Providing valuable content for your readers helps to improve your website ranking and makes your business more relevant for search results. 

As well, eliminating duplicate content and replacing it with unique and creative information creates a draw to your website.

No one wants to read the same information over and over again, so make sure each article provides a new perspective or insight. Google also penalizes companies who post duplicate content because this can indicate plagiarism or a lack of value for searchers. 

Avoid duplicate content, incorporate keywords, and offer high-quality content to enhance your search engine rank.  

Make Your Visuals Stand Out

Apart from the creative and interactive content, visuals play a major role in growing traffic to your site. Visuals can include infographics, screenshots, photos, and videos. You shouldn’t post stock photos as they feel generic and overused. 

Videos are a great way to capture attention, and people tend to stay more engaged with interactive content. They can also be useful marketing tools to convey a brand message or mission.

Dove uses its "Real Beauty" campaign to demonstrate that the brand values diversity and inclusion.

Dove's Video Campaign: Real Beauty

Dove's commitment to "real beauty" is captured in its engaging video campaign by showcasing women who feel good about themselves no matter what others say. 

Make sure you label every image and give it alternative text when you upload it to ensure that Google recognizes it for SEO.

Grab public attention with wonderful visual material as this along with the structured text allows the website to be more appealing to visitors. Customizing content and visuals also helps to build your business and grow your market.  

Timely Advertising

Plan out a content and marketing calendar for ad campaigns. You want to make sure that you update your visitors in a timely manner and keep them invested in your services if anything changes. 

Successful advertising can give you an advantage over the competition, which means you should research what is most appealing to your audience. Before rolling out a new service or product, make sure you have an adequate marketing strategy in place. 

Target a Specific Audience 

Even if your website has great design and experience, it will not be relevant to Google if it doesn’t capture the right audience. You cannot create a site that highlights “technology” if you are actually a fashion company. 

Choosing the correct language to highlight on your site is crucial to being listed accurately. 

Best SEO practices highlight the importance of using keywords to rank for a specific term. Understanding your target audience and discovering what terms they search for is essential to actually appear in the right search results. 

It is important to reach the right people and if you are being listed for the wrong service, then you are losing valuable customers. 

Update URL

Besides optimizing your website, you should also be considering how your site appears in search engine results. URLs can be an important way for people to distinguish what your website does and what page they are going to. 

Google also analyzes website URLs to make sure that they are simple and tell people exactly what page they have landed on. The URL plays a large part in user experience and can give beneficial information to users who are clicking through different pages of your website.   

Improve Site Speed and Decrease Bounce Rate

Load time is essential to keep people from leaving your site. If your site takes more than a few seconds to load, then people will most likely exit out of the page and find a new resource. 

Bounce rate indicates how quickly people leave your site when they click on the result. If people are immediately clicking away from your site, it indicates to Google that this search result is not relevant to the term. Unfortunately, if your site is relevant, but people click away due to slow load time, then Google will still penalize you for this error. 

Since Google’s mission is to prioritize the user, Google keeps track of a site’s bounce rate and load time to discover poor web design. If you overload your website with images and videos, it can take longer for your site to process and thus slow download time. 

Ensure that people will stay on your website by improving your page load time.   

Follow Best SEO Practices

SEO can transform the success of your business, especially if it makes money largely on web traffic. Businesses should prioritize improving their rank on Google so as to increase brand awareness, visitors, and profits.  

Google weighs numerous factors when trying to evaluate the authority of a domain. Optimizing your keywords, web design, and URL can create better value for your customers and improve your rank in search engine results. Consult with a leading SEO agency to learn more about what you can do to improve your website's rank.