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Fruition Case Study: Local SEO Conversions for Dental Practice

August 17, 2017

by Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager, Clutch

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A local dental practice did not rank for any target terms and operated in an industry where local search rankings have a strong determining factor on business acquisition. Fruition optimized the practice’s site for local rankings, earning increases in organic traffic and conversions.

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Dental Practice Sensitive to Positive Search Performance

The dental practice, with multiple locations,  operated for highly competitive search landscapes in local markets with as many as 30 providers within a city area. The practice's website was also new and not ranking for any of its targeted terms.

Fruition Launched On-Page Optimization Campaign for Dental Practice

Fruition launched a full digital marketing campaign to build search authority for a dental practice. The campaign included technical, on-page SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, link building, and paid media.

Fruition optimized the dental office's pages for local rankings by optimizing content and marking up for local schema. They also claimed and monitored the company’s Google My Business’ profile, actively pursued reviews, and ensured local citations were consistent.

Fruition Increases Traffic and Conversion for Dental Practice 

Fruition experienced organic traffic and site user growth from the campaign, which corresponded to boosts in conversions.

Traffic and user growth metrics:

  • Q2 2017: 67% organic traffic growth compared to Q2 2016
  • Organic traffic from first-time website users increased by 83%

Conversions for multiple tracked goals have improved across the board, with the most important goal ("book appointment") growing by 141% year-over-year.

Fruition SEO Costs Depend on Locations Managed

The cost ranges from $8,000 - $12,000 a month based on the number of locations managed and the ad spend of paid media campaigns.

Reports are provided monthly and quarterly, and on-demand calls and chat conversations are provided as needed.

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