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97th Floor Case Study: Optimizing Content for Health News Site

August 17, 2017

by Grayson Kemper

Content & Editorial Manager, Clutch

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A health and fitness news site featured articles that ranked well and drove traffic to the site. 97th Floor optimized a number of their content assets to help the entire site to rank for target terms.


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Health News Site Seeks Additional Optimization from 97th Floor

The health news site sought additional support and further optimization to complement its efforts to create content that ranks for target terms and topics.

97th Floor Optimization Technique Doubles Exposure for Content

Since the health fitness site creates content (an off-site SEO effort), 97th Floor instituted on-site optimization efforts with TF-IDF analysis (definition below) to support certain articles and to improve visibility for the entire site.

Over the course of the partnership (since 2015), 97th Floor has instituted:

  • Website audit
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Social media audit  

TF-IDF is 97th Floor’s proprietary term-frequency analysis equation, used to optimize content for keyword targets. 97th Floor expects 100-500% increase in traffic for each article they perform TF-IDF analysis.

97th Floor Enterprise Clients Start at  $10,000/Month

As a website with thousands of pages of content, the health fitness site is considered an enterprise client, and the minimum cost is around $10,000/month. All of 97th Floor's contracts are goal-based, and they provide a weekly phone call to discuss strategy with their clients. 

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