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Why Reviews Are Important for Business Success

September 21, 2023

by Hannah Hicklen

Online reviews are key to helping potential customers find and learn more about your business. Learn more about how online reviews can help you grow brand trust, increase engagement, and more. 

How people perceive your business can have a huge impact on your bottom line, and in today’s day and age, online reviews play an important role in maintaining your reputation and growing your brand image.

Buyers rely on online reviews to make informed decisions when purchasing products or services, making them a particularly effective marketing tool for businesses looking to connect with their ideal audience.

With the right reviews strategy, online reviews can be a powerful tool for any business looking to strengthen their online presence and set themselves apart from the competition.

Learn more about why online reviews are important tools for your business and how you can leverage them to grow your brand image.

Build Trust Through Social Proof

For many people, the first step towards making a purchase — whether it’s before buying a new product or hiring a service provider — is to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. These recommendations have sway, and buyers are more likely to buy a product or hire a company that their peers have worked with in the past. This is because of social proof.

Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon in which people are influenced by others’ opinions and experiences. For businesses, this means that people are more likely to make a purchase or hire a service provider if they see others have had successful partnerships with them in the past.

Reviews act as a form of social proof and provide a lot of credibility for businesses. To buyers, reviews are viewed as trustworthy and unbiased sources, similar to a recommendation from a friend, colleague, or peer.  

The unbiased nature of reviews makes them much more valuable to potential customers than marketing content.

Consider this: if a salesperson claims to deliver their services on time every time, but reviews online claim that they often deliver late, who would you believe? Most would believe the reviewer. After all, they’re not trying to sell you anything.

Consequently, reviews offer real, unbiased opinions from customers who have experienced a product or service first-hand. Positive reviews validate the claims made by the brand, while negative reviews highlight areas that need improvement. This transparency helps build authenticity and trust.

Grow Brand Awareness  

Reviews, but online reviews in particular, can help your business catch the attention of potential buyers by enhancing your online presence and visibility.

When customers leave reviews on popular review sites or social media platforms, it helps customers discover your business and learn more about its products or services. Reviews can also be shared online, whether that’s on your website or on social media, which amplifies your brand and increases your reach.

The more often a potential customer sees your brand name, the more likely they will be able to recall it or make a purchase. Through word-of-mouth marketing, companies can significantly enhance brand awareness and attract new customers who trust the recommendations of their peers.

Review Customer Feedback 

We’ll admit it — even your company may receive a negative review.


But this doesn’t have to be a crisis.

Customer feedback is important for many, many reasons.

When customers leave suggestions to improve your business or complain about your work, they provide valuable customer feedback. You can use this information to understand your target audience better, adjust your offerings, and make changes that can actually help improve your customer retention. 

Manage Your Online Reputation

Online reviews can play a major role in how your business is perceived, and should be an important part of your business’s public relations and reputation management strategy. As discussed above, positive reviews lend credibility to a business that they otherwise may not have, but even negative reviews can help you shape your brand’s reputation.

By responding to online reviews, gathering customer feedback, resolving issues, and addressing any negative comments, companies can shape how their brand is perceived and maintain a positive brand image.

For instance, companies can choose to highlight positive reviews on their website and social media accounts to promote their products and services, further promoting their reputation.

At the same time, those who receive negative reviews and respond with an explanation or an apology, are perceived as proactive and care about their customers. Both are important to maintaining a positive brand image.

Additional reading, ‘4 Examples of Successful Online  Reputation Management.’ 

Increase Customer Engagement 

Review platforms allow customers to engage with your business by allowing them to share their opinions and describe their experiences with your business.

Customer engagement is important because engaged customers feel more connected to your brand and are more likely to work with you again in the future.

By actively encouraging customers to leave reviews, businesses can engage with their customers and gather valuable feedback that helps improve products, services, and the overall customer experience.

Influence Buying Decisions

The information included in a review allows buyers to gain what they may consider insider knowledge into how a business operates, how effective their services or products are, what it’s like to work with them, and other information that is key in the decision-making process.

Particularly in the B2B world, the buying process can be long and complicated.

Customer reviews answer a lot of questions for potential buyers, which can help them feel more confident in their next steps. They can use this information to shortlist potential service providers before contacting them for more information.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization

As discussed, positive reviews, ratings, and customer interactions on review platforms can create social proof and indicate that the business is reputable and trustworthy. However, you may not know this can improve your website’s SEO.

Indeed, online reviews can improve your website’s search rankings and increase organic traffic.

Online reviews generate social signals and engagement, which search engines consider when determining search rankings.

When more customers leave reviews about a business, it creates fresh and relevant user-generated content. Search engines like Google prioritize websites with regularly updated content, leading to improved search rankings and increased visibility.

Additionally, increased trust can lead to more inbound links and longer website visits, which can positively impact SEO by signaling to search engines that the website is popular and relevant.

Finally, online reviews play a significant role in local SEO. Positive reviews and high ratings on platforms like Google My Business can improve a business's visibility in local search results. Local search algorithms prioritize businesses with positive reviews, as they are perceived to offer better customer experiences.

How to Leverage Reviews to Manage Your Online Reputation 

When searching for potential service providers, many buyers turn to online reviews for credible and trustworthy insight into companies' operations. To reach these customers more effectively, companies need to take advantage of review platforms to promote their business.

By showcasing positive reviews from happy clients and customers, companies can do more than build credibility and increase trust. Authentic reviews can grow brand awareness and increase online visibility, helping companies attract potential new customers.


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