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Boosting Efficiency & Value with Video Production Advancements

November 28, 2023

by Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at Clutch.co

Businesses are committed to saving time in all aspects while staying appealing to their target audience. With the introduction of AI tools in the video production industry, more are turning to hiring video production companies to craft their creative video marketing campaigns.

Companies in the B2B space are always thinking about the future when it comes to saving costs and improving their processes. A recent Insider Intelligence survey shows that they are spending less in 2023 and 2024, focusing on investments with strong returns that improve efficiency.

While efficiency is a strong focus, delivering on creative visions still seems to be a priority.

Clutch data shows an 80% increase in the demand for video production services YoY from January–October 2023, reflecting the continuing interest in video as a marketing medium.

80% increase in video production

Artificial intelligence is also impacting the video production industry as an additional support for time-consuming processes.

The article will focus on the value of video production companies and why, even in tighter economic times, investing in video projects and outsourcing production teams are still good investments for ROI.

The Power of Video

Video is a powerful tool for internal and external communications. Companies use video content to promote their products while using it internally for training and video conferencing.

Videos as a medium are great for visual communication, time-saving, accessibility, and more, especially when businesses are looking to save.

“In today's world, where budgets are tight, investing in video content is essential for any business. Not only does it help your brand stand out, but it also engages your audience better than other forms of content,” said Max Maybury, Co-Owner and Developer at AI-Product Reviews, a directory website with an AI focus.

Pradip Savaliya, the Founder of Graphics Gaga, a digital content blog, agrees.

“Marketers are wising up. They recognize that video isn’t just a flashy add-on; it’s a strategic necessity. Even when budgets are tight, investing in video pays off. Why? Because it’s versatile. A single video can serve multiple purposes: from product demos to social media campaigns.”

Video production companies can create content repurposed across multiple platforms, create systems that provide robust analytics, and deliver content that conveys information quickly and effectively.

By leveraging the power of video, businesses can enhance communication, streamline processes, and ultimately improve overall efficiency. Using artificial intelligence capabilities can be a game-changer for video production companies because of the mixture of human creativity and automation.

How AI Can Support Video Production

Artificial intelligence and new technologies play a role in video production through AI-powered editing, streamlining post-production and other workflows, and creating custom content.

Some video production trends that could benefit from AI technology include visual effects, live streaming, purpose-driven video content, and short-form social media videos.

On Clutch, we’re seeing an increase in interest in the following video production focus areas between January and October 2023 YoY:

graph for the demand of video focus areas

This graph shows the rise of interest in visual effects (128.7%), voiceovers (111%), scriptwriting (93.3%), 3D animation (72.9%), live event & streaming (66.8%). 

AI content creation can directly supplement these services by supplementing the editing process, cutting corners with content creation, and aiding the brainstorming and storyboarding of the creative process.

AI-powered tools can analyze footage, identify the best shots, and automatically edit them together. This saves time and effort for video editors, allowing them to focus on more creative aspects of the editing process. Some AI-powered video editing tools can combine existing footage, images, and audio to help with video creation, color grading, and transitions. 

There are AI algorithms that help with transcription and other scriptwriting capabilities, making the process of creating subtitles and other graphics easier.

Hiring a video production company that uses the power of AI will only strengthen your company’s marketing strategy.

Learn how much it costs to outsource your video production needs in Clutch’s video production pricing guide.

AI and Video Production: The Winning Combination for Business Growth

The integration of AI expertise within a video production team can significantly enhance a company's efficiency and effectiveness. By harnessing the power of AI, companies can streamline their video production processes, automate repetitive tasks, and leverage cutting-edge technologies to create captivating and personalized content.

The benefits of hiring a video production team with AI experience are numerous, ranging from cost savings and time optimization to increased audience engagement and brand differentiation.

Hiring a video production team with AI experience positions companies at the forefront of technological innovation. As AI continues to evolve and reshape industries, companies that embrace this technology early on gain a competitive edge in the market.

By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging AI-driven video production solutions, companies can demonstrate their commitment to innovation and adaptability, attracting customers and top talent who value forward-thinking approaches.

Explore our list of the top video production firms to find the video producer of your company’s dreams.

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