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Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Their Website

January 21, 2020

by Anton Vuchkan


Not all websites are created equally, so making sure you’re doing what you can to make yours the best around is crucial. Users are more tech-savvy and want smooth experiences, so avoiding common mistakes when possible will help your business succeed.

The business world operates in cut-throat competition with the presence of countless business websites. Because of this, businesses struggle to capture the attention of their target market. 

A good website will help you do just that, but a bad one could cost you a fortune and cause your business to sink.

It is highly important to invest in a high-quality and professional website to introduce your company, expand your business and stand out from the crowd. 

Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business’ Website

  1. Not Having a Website at All
  2. Having an Out-of-Date Website
  3. Not Hiring a Professional
  4. Having a Poor Design
  5. Not Including Clear Call-to-Actions
  6. Not Investing in Making It Mobile-Friendly
  7. Using a Template Instead of a Custom Design

Mistake #1: Not Having a Website at All

According to one recent survey, nearly half of the small business owners do not have a website. This is equivalent to starting a business without bothering to tell anyone about it or without putting a sign outside your store. 

Even if you don't have customers come to your place of business or you get most of your business through networking and referrals, you need a website.

Potential customers sometimes need to research your business before they call you. If you don't have a website and your competitors do, you'll lose out. 

Mistake #2: Having an Out-of-Date Website 

First impressions matter. Some small business owners believe they are saving costs by not updating their websites. Yet, in this age of the internet, your website is often the first introduction your prospective clients will have to your business. 

After viewing your website, most people would have formed their opinions about your business, so your website is your opportunity to capture most first impressions in your favor.

You can create the kind of impression you wish to project to your clients and prospective clients by keeping your site updated and implementing redesigns as needed.

Mistake #3: Not Hiring a Professional

At the very least, every business should have a professional-looking and well-designed website that enables users to easily find out about their business, products, and services. 

If you serve local customers, your website should include your address, phone number and hours of operation, and should be listed in Google My Business so it will show up when shoppers search for what you sell by location. (E.g.: "fashion stores near me").

Today, most web-hosting companies will not only host your site but also design, maintain, and market it for you, and for surprisingly affordable prices and subscription packages. If you haven’t hired a professional, what are you waiting for?

Mistake #4: Having a Poor Design

The choice of design is a major mistake most small businesses make. Some of the design mistakes commonly made by businesses include:

Unclear Navigation

Some websites are quite complex to navigate. The designer must be designing the website so that it is easy to navigate and easily accessible, even for people who are online novices. 

Bad Color Combination

Almost all SMEs use just a single color in their logo. Businesses showing greater imagination in their use of color have an opportunity to stand out, establishing themselves as vibrant and confident.

Color sends important messages to potential customers, while the lack of color gives the impression of a lack of personality.

Inconsistent Font Style

Some small business websites use more than one font on their websites – this creates perceptions of messiness, inconsistency, and lack of clarity. 

By contrast, a well-chosen font will positively affect the way that users perceive the business.

Lackluster Descriptions

Some small businesses fail to effectively describe their business on their website and are, in turn, failing to communicate to potential customers about what they stand for. 

Because of this, it’s advisable to think hard about how to create and communicate a business identity capable of attracting and retaining customers.

Irrelevant Images

Some small businesses either have no imagery at all on their websites or are using pictures that have no connection to their businesses.

Better use of images can help promote sharing and engagement with website visitors. Because the main reason of your site is to promote your service and product, use eye-catching, relevant images to let people know.

Mistake #5. Not Including Clear Call-to-Actions

You want to create a website that initiates business transactions. For example, a website that merely displays a store’s clothes, but doesn’t show prices or offer online shopping, will not meet contemporary consumer needs.

You should use more contact forms, call to action buttons, chatbot messengers, pop-ups, etc and display them in easily noticeable buttons.

CTAs can include "add to cart," "buy album," "buy now," "download," and "comment."
Without catching a user’s eye, engaging them to click one of those buttons, you won’t gain a lead or make the sale. 

Mistake #6. Not Investing in Making It Mobile-Friendly

Today, people everywhere have mobile phones. If a user opens your site and it’s entirely unoptimized, their experience will decrease.

Not optimizing your website for mobile can result in increased bounce rates.
To avoid risking losing users with a site that doesn’t adapt to mobile screens, it’s necessary to hire a designer to create a mobile-friendly platform.

The bottom line is that having a website that is not mobile-friendly means you’ll likely be missing out on a large portion of your potential clients.

Mistake #7. Using a Template Instead of a Custom Design

It’s hard to surprise a potential buyer with a template design, which is why it’s vital to use a unique design. In the modern era of innovative designs and changing technology, a standard template won’t work well enough. 

Although there are new businesses with websites every day, you can stand out from the crowd of competitors and keep the attention of your client. 

Avoid These Mistakes and Enhance Your Site

In order to ensure your business doesn’t get lost in the sea of websites out there, it’ll have to provide a good experience and look great doing it. 

Make sure you will choose the right person or web agency for your website creation to help your business stand out online. 

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