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Movie Theater Google App Migration

"The results were spectacular."

The Project
Project summary: 

Cloud Sherpas migrated the client's site to an updated cloud-based server. They also created an internal intranet and custom workflow for employees and conducted several webinars and training sessions.

The Reviewer
Small business
Downers Grove, Illinois
Managing Director of IT, Family-owned Movie Theater
Feedback summary: 

Cloud Sherpas completed the server update quickly and efficiently, and was very responsive to all the client's concerns and questions. The client was also very impressed with the Google App Script training provided to their employees.


Can you provide a brief description about your company?

Our company is the proprietor and operator of 13 different movie theaters in the Midwest. We also own two apartment buildings, a bowling alley, and a hotel. We essentially operate these establishments from the ground up: the facilities, the booking of the films, and the whole experience.


What was your main goal or objective for undertaking the project with Cloud Sherpas?

We were running on an old Microsoft Exchange server from 2003. Communication was becoming excessively cumbersome and inefficient. We had a lot of problems with email retention due to the sheer volume of email correspondence. We streamlined a lot of that and migrated to cloud-based rather than an on-premise solution. In addition to that, we wanted to put together a company intranet, a sort of portal for employees to be able access and search for relevant information. This would allow us to eliminate a bulk of the email correspondence by basically constructing a data repository. That was our need going into the project. We also discovered that Google had other services that we didn’t even know about. Cloud Sherpas brought these valuable services to our attention. We then decided to enlist more of their services as we saw the need.


What was your process for discovering and selecting Cloud Sherpas to work with?

We talked with an account manager at Google. We contacted him and explained our desire to make the switch. He informed us that Google doesn’t work through partners. They use resellers instead. He recommended three separate companies to us for different reasons. It then came down to Cloud Sherpas and a Chicago-based company, which was in close proximity to our offices. Our rationale for selecting Cloud Sherpas was, at the time, the fact that they were listed as a Google Apps partner for more than a year. They had a great pedigree. We spoke with one of their sales representatives and he crafted a compelling case. Near the end of the process it was clear to us that we were going to go with Cloud Sherpas –there was really no question.

Could you talk a little more about the scope of the project?

They did our initial migration and a lot of preliminary setup. They also did development work. They built us an intranet from the ground up. They then developed a custom workflow that we utilize as a work order system. Beyond that, we did change management. They conducted three webinars for us, provided a lot of material and brochures, and they trained several of our team in the complexities of the Google suite. They were also available for support during times when our users met serious complications. Since then, their cloud management team has continued to support us with any questions we have as well as buying new licenses. They setup Postini archiving and discovery for us, too. They’re also assisting in our migration to Google Vault as it becomes available.


How happy are you with the results?

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. We were able to shut down our Exchange server almost immediately. They had a solution for everything that we had a question for. We used to work with a fair bit of legacy software that we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to maintain. Some of it requires that you have a local mail server, which is entirely infeasible. There were a lot of really small but important questions, and they were able to handle all of them with ease. I think only a few times, they had to say, “I’ll search it and get back to you.” They got back to me right away. The whole process was quite fluid and painless. The results were spectacular. It was actually quite fun to work with them. Another service they provided was an invitation to participate in a Google Apps Script training class with their head of development. He taught that class and we walked out of there with more firepower under our belt. I am now capable of developing Google Scripts to work with our system on a daily basis. That kind of service is invaluable: granting their clients the ability to use their tools on an ad hoc basis. They were all extremely kind, and they’re all experts in whatever they were doing, whether it was development or facilitating change management or instruction. I don’t have that kind of experience a lot with partners, and other people we work with. That’s what makes them stand out.

Looking back on the project, is there anything that you would do differently a second time around, or that you think Cloud Sherpas could improve upon?

This isn’t an issue that Cloud Sherpas has really started, but Google has a not so powerful contacts manager on their contacts page. It’s relegated to one user at one time and it’s very hard to add contacts with the other people in your business. We didn’t find that out until slightly after we began using the system. Cloud Sherpas had migrated all of our shared contacts into the Google shared contacts bucket and you have to use a third-party app to add all of that information and then distribute it. It’s a limitation we only realized after we had already migrated our content. It’s not something that we would have done differently, though. Ultimately we would still have moved our service. But it was disappointing to find that out after the fact. Like I said, I don’t think it’s something that Cloud Sherpas is responsible for. It’s really within the domain of the Google suite. I do think we should have perhaps looked at it sooner so we could have mitigated the issue. The again, Cloud Sherpas did have a solution for us in the way of a very powerful third-party app. In the end, the damage was avoided thanks to Cloud Sherpas.

Overall Score It’s a very strong, like solid thumbs up in my book.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    They worked nonstop. I mean they had someone who worked well past midnight on multiple occasions.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    They were able to work out a great price for us. As far as value for our money, we had already signed up to spend a great deal of money, and they threw in some extras – some real nice services for us, like the training course...
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
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