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Clutch Supports Agency Growth with ELEVATE 2024

April 22, 2024

by Tim Condon

Chief Revenue Officer

Clutch believes in the power of small businesses and their growth. Having worked with thousands of agencies over the past 10 years, we love being part of that growth and success. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Agency Mastery and sponsor ELEVATE 2024, an event designed to empower a select group of agency owners with the knowledge and power to increase their sales and profit.

In the past two years that I’ve been at Clutch I’ve had the chance to meet a number of our agency partners and I always ask them how they got started. The stories are great: “I started building websites in my dorm room and suddenly I had so many clients that I had to hire someone to help me,” or more recently, “I was working at one of the big agencies killing myself and I figured if I was going to work myself to the bone I might as well work for myself.” It’s great to work at a company like Clutch that helped these agencies and many more to scale up once they moved past the word-of-mouth stage. 

Elevate 2024 Clutch Promo

Clutch itself has been a bit of a word-of-mouth business for years until we started really scaling up about 3 years ago. I’ve talked at length with some of our clients about the challenges of moving from ad hoc solutions, always putting out fires to a set of systems that can support a growing team and growing business. The challenge isn’t just finding time to make a bunch of changes while still running the business but also with the change management that comes along for the ride! So, while we’re a different kind of business, Clutch understands and appreciates the difficulties that are involved in building and scaling a business. That’s why we want to give back to the industry by supporting organizations like Agency Mastery and conferences like ELEVATE 2024, which aim to give agencies the playbook to scale beyond a referral-based business.

If you’re going to be at ELEVATE 2024 in Austin, make sure to say hello. I’ll be there along with my colleague Matthew Hoffman. I’d love to hear your story. If not, we’ll be sure to put together a recap of our best learnings from the event. See you there!

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