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Zignuts Technolab is a creative team that brings Ideas into reality. We create Mobile and Web experiences that inspire in cost-effective range for startups and small to medium enterprices (SMEs). Mobile apps and Web solution are the enabling centerpieces of digital convergence for every business, every industry. We are here to create future-ready solutions to deliver the right business outcomes faster than our competitors-just the way you want it. We value simplicity.

We are young creative team based in Berlin (Germany) & Gujarat (India). Our team is focused on one thing; creating world-class cutting-edge solution that blow the doors off expectations and establish brands as category leaders. Our straightforward and systematic approach will put you at ease over any development or process concerns and questions.

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Key clients: 
  • Technological Startups from Europ, USA & Afrika 
  • Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

BizimTV - IPTV & Video on Demand App (Germany)

The BizimTV is an IPTV & Video On Demand Solution for android based TV. It allows you to track your favorite stations, movies and series at any time from anywhere. What you need to do is certainly no laptop, no satellite dish and no nerve-racking installations. You just need an internet connection and an Smart TV

Couponicus - Easy Coupons (Germany)

Couponicus makes coupon marketing as easy as never before, Determine specifying the nature of the coupon and the discount itself or fallback to a coupon our proposals. Our templates are industry-specific and performance-tested in practice

Couponicus distribute coupons on user's website, social media Autritten and email. They need to set the various distribution channels once and then use it for all their coupons this. On their site, the coupons are integrated by means of a Widgets. This method is used for example also in the integration of YouTube videos or visitor counters. This requires the widget code to be copied only once in the HTML code of your website. If this is too complicated, we can send instructions to user's web pages maintainer for this integration will be no problem. As soon as the Java widget is integrated once any amendments there to automatically adopted.

Daily Studios (Uganda)

The Daily Studio App lets you share photos of your special moments with loved ones. All the beautiful moments and scenes you capture with your camera can find a useful home in the Daily Studio App. With the Daily Studio App, you can conveniently store, share, buy or sell those marvelous shots

Business Sales & Leads Management Application

Aim of this project was to design and develop Web and Android based Business Sales & Lead management application for GreenEra.

GreenEra, are a reputed manufacturer and service provider of an excellent quality range of water heater, solar street light, solar home light system and solar water pump.

OTM System - Order, Track & Manage (India)

OTM System encourages restaurants and cafes to go paper less, by tracking and managing orders using OTM Apps & Web portal for Kitchen, Waiter and Manager. It is light weight and user friendly Web and Mobile based solution for small to medium restaurants/cafes in India

Daily Spending App Design

Daily spending application UI/UX design concept

Real Estate Application Design

Real Estate application UI/UX design concept

CRM Dashboard Design

CRM application dashboard UI/UX design

Food Order Application Design

This is a UI/UX design concept for Food Ordering App

Travel Application Design

This is a UI/UX design concept for Travel Application

Admin Dashboard Design

This is a ui/ux design concept for Admin Dashboard.


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Software Development for Marketing Startup

"Things went unexpectedly smoothly on the development end ..."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
2013 - 2014
Project summary: 

Zignuts Technolab developed marketing software for a coupon marketing startup company. Its purpose was to allow businesses to create online coupons which would be redeemable at a physical location.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Berlin, Germany
Thomas Muller
CEO, Couponicus
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The web platform that Zignuts built ran fast and had no lag. The bugs caught in the software were easily identifiable by Zignuts and were fixed within the allotted timeframe. The clients' end users were very happy with the platform, although the startup is no longer in business.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We were a small coupon marketing startup with a five-person team based in Berlin. I was the founder and CEO of the company.


What challenge were you trying to address with Zignuts Technolab?

We were developing a coupon marketing software for hotels and restaurants which was mainly online-based. It would allow businesses to create coupons online, integrate them into their websites through JavaScript widgets, and have clients redeem them in-store.


What was the scope of their involvement?

We outsourced our development to Zignuts Technolab. The frontend was a widget, while the backend allowed users to manage timeframes for coupons. The system also had Facebook and Twitter integrations, allowing businesses to promote their services there. The backend was PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

The project was milestone-based and ran for 6–8 months. Zignuts Technolab assigned one full-time developer, while other resources joined in for different parts. The Facebook and Twitter integration involved a separate developer, and we also had a quality assurance tester assigned.

We had already built a design and had Photoshop mockups for all the pages in the platform. Strategy elements were also handled in-house. As with any project, we figured out that some parts needed to be changed or added, so Zignuts Technolab’s developers have had to make designs themselves.

How did you come to work with Zignuts Technolab?

I met one of Zignuts Technolab’s principals during a tech startup conference in Germany called IdeaLab! I talked to him about our project and went from there. We stayed in touch through telephone and Skype and had Zignuts Technolab build a milestone plan based on our requirements.

How much have you invested with Zignuts Technolab?

The cost of Zignuts Technolab’s work was around $50,000. The scope increased from our original agreement, but only because we added more functionalities. The payments were made based on milestones, which was nice from our perspective because we didn't put in all our money at once and hoped for the best.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with Zignuts Technolab three or four years ago. The project lasted for about eight months.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

There were some bugs in the software, but we had a good process of documenting them through screenshots and having Zignuts Technolab work on them. We had a 3-month bug fixing phase which was part of the original scope. We recorded around 150 bugs in our ticketing system.

Our hotel and restaurant clients liked the software overall. The usability was mainly set on our side, so Zignuts Technology was not involved in creating flows. The platform ran fast and had no lagging.

How did Zignuts Technolab perform from a project management standpoint?

In the beginning, we moved within timelines, but the charts and graphs took a bit longer. In total, we came to be two months behind, but we were already expecting that. Besides our team, Zignuts Technolab also assigned a quality assurance manager who checked in from time to time to see if we were satisfied. He didn't have such a large involvement, but it was nice to see that someone besides us was looking at the quality.

What did you find most impressive about Zignuts Technolab?

Zignuts Technolab had a bigger team in the background, so whenever our resources ran into an area for which they didn't have much expertise, they could rely on other people in their company. We were only building a web app, but Zignuts Technolab did have Android and iOS resources. If we wanted to extend the product on mobile, we could have done it using Zignuts Technolab. Things went unexpectedly smoothly on the development end, compared to the nightmare stories I'd heard about outsourcing to India.

Are there any areas Zignuts Technolab could improve?

We built some diagrams showing how many coupons were being redeemed and shared. That part took a bit longer to build, probably because we didn't specify it precisely enough. Zignuts Technolab had less of an understanding in terms of design here, so we had to clearly state what we wanted things to look like.

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