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With almost 3 billion people using social media regularly, social media is a crucial marketing channel for companies of all sizes and industries. But creating unique content that will speak to your audience and cut through the noise is getting more and more challenging. Grow your brand and reach more potential customers with a social media marketing package from one of our leading agencies. View our comprehensive list of social media marketing companies.

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I am a digital marketing strategist based out of Victoria, British Columbia. I'm happy to work with your business, no matter where you're located or based, to ensure that your social media channels are performing the absolute best they can be.

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What will you receive from us? More leads and customers. Increasing customer loyalty Increasing brand awareness We will work out the USP and values of your brand Fast and inexpensive coverage relative to other channels

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

There are four main services that a social media marketing agency offers: 1. social media strategy 2. content creation 3. audience growth 4. paid advertising management Social media packages vary widely depending on your industry and business goals. A package can be a turnkey solution for social media, giving the agency you are working with full responsibility over your social media. This may include an initial strategy workshop to align on your goals, defining which social media channels are relevant to your business and how many posts will be created monthly for each of those channels. Beyond that, reporting on how the campaigns are performing is best practice in how to best manage your spend. On the other hand, you may only need help with posting content, developing a paid facebook advertising campaign or answering questions that come in through your social media channels.

Social media costs depend on a lot of factors, like the industry you are in, the audience you are looking to reach, how many social networks you are using, and what you are looking to achieve through social media. Some businesses only use it to share organic posts, while others sell directly on social media or offer customer service through their social profiles. For a small business with basic social media needs, $500 per month can be enough to get to their goals, while a large brand may spend more than $5000 on one social channel. When an agency manages your paid social media campaigns, it is common for them to charge you 10%-20% of the total advertising spend they are managing for you.

Social media marketing is any sort of activity your business takes on social media that is unpaid or organic. This can be posting content on your channels, answering messages, liking or commenting on posts. On the other hand, social media advertising is any form of social media activity that is paid, like boosting posts throughout a social network or running a targeted campaign at a specific audience (eg. location, household income, hobbies, etc.). You are paying to get more visibility or to get in front of users who may not be following your brand.

Social media strategy is your social media game plan for how you create, post, and engage with content on your social media channels based on the specific business goals you are looking to achieve. This will detail how you want to portray your brand online, the channels you want to focus on, and the content you want to develop based on the target audience you are looking to reach. While newer social channels like TikTok make headlines daily, if your audience is not on it, it does not make sense to create videos on TikTok to promote your brand that way. Social media strategy also include hashtag research, in-depth audience research, proposed copy and imagery examples, positioning and more.