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Persuasive Email Marketing: How to Increase Your Email Conversion Rate

June 7, 2019

by Chris Donald

Director, InboxGroup

Emails that have a high conversion rate are more persuasive in nature. They pique interest, continue to engage, and compel readers to take action. 

How often do your emails receive a reply? How many leads do you actually generate from email marketing campaigns? 

Email writing is an art in itself and devising an effective email marketing strategy can be a challenge. 

Thanks to the overflowing amount of emails in our inboxes every single day, many of us don’t bother opening all of them. And even when people open an email, they usually only read the first two lines.

Considering these obstacles, should you really expect leads and conversions from email marketing? 

Yes, you should! But only when your emails are persuasive.

Sending marketing emails is different than sending regular emails because the primary goal isn’t to provide information. Marketing emails are supposed to drive engagement, build brand awareness, increase leads, convert leads into customers, and get more business from existing customers. 

How is this possible? What kind of email marketing strategy should marketers adopt to succeed at these goals? 

Email marketers must master persuasive writing, which makes email marketing campaigns highly effective.

How Can Your Emails Be More Persuasive?

To make your emails more persuasive, master the AIDA formula - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. When marketers succeed at integrating the AIDA formula into their emails, they can entice potential customers and compel them to take desired actions.

  • Attention: create brand awareness
  • Interest: force readers to notice
  • Desire: show how you can solve problems
  • Action: persuade readers to take the desired action

AIDA Formula

Seems difficult? An email marketing agency can help you come up with content based on the AIDA formula. Use these tips to put your emails into action. 

Have a Clear Goal

Every marketing strategy should have clear and definitive goals. Emails work in a similar way, but any single email must only be associated with one specific goal. If you have multiple marketing goals, craft different emails for each. 

Bring Your Brand’s Personality into the Email

What is your brand persona? Write copy that reflects your brand and makes your readers feel connected with an actual person. Your readers must feel as if you’re directly conversing with them face-to-face.

Come Up with a Powerful Subject Line

Ensure that the subject line is related to the content of your email, telling the readers exactly what the content is about. Email marketing services formulate highly engaging subject lines, so you may want to ask for their help in this area.

Add an emoji if possible. After all, 56% brands that add emojis in their email campaigns enjoyed a higher open rate.

Include Value 

Most of the contacts on your email list might already be aware of your product features and benefits. Still, add a line or two about how you can provide them with this value. A little explanation can encourage readers to accept your offer. 

Impress Your Readers

Authority and numbers always impress customers in an industry. Don’t only add value to the email, but emphasize the advantage of using your services as well, stating a credible source or certain numbers. For instance, if your company made it on a Gartner’s report, write about it in the email. If Forbes or another big name publication mentioned your company, highlight this achievement in your marketing emails. 

As well, you can add some concrete numbers that will grab readers’ attention:

Our loyal customer base now includes more than 500,000 people.

A single email generates $38 in revenue for every single dollar that you spend, and for 59% of marketers, email is the biggest contributor to returns. Work with us and leverage the power of emails. 

Ensure Your Email Design Is Appealing

Emails should be designed strategically, reflecting your brand, and emphasizing CTAs. Below is an example of BuzzFeed's marketing emails. 

BuzzFeed Email Design


The email incorporates images and humor to pull the reader in. By offering value to the reader, BuzzFeed ensures that people will click the link and spend more time on its website. 

Send Multiple Emails

Because a single email can be lost or forgotten, make sure to send follow-ups to readers. As well, when you appear in the inbox of your clients consistently, you stay on their minds. Still, make sure each follow-up email is different and offers a new piece of information to the reader. 

You should not send the same email to the same person over and over again, because that person will likely unsubscribe from your email list. 

Before You Send An Email

Make sure you go through and check your email for typos or wrong information. Read the copy again and answer the questions below.  

  • Is your goal absolutely clearly? Your readers must know what they’re supposed to do after reading your email and what his or her next step would be. 
  • Does the email offer value? The content should offer something for the readers. For instance, you can increase your readers’ knowledge by including a useful article in your email or you could provide them with effective tips for the relevant activity. Many emails also include a promotional offer or a discount coupon.
  • Is there anything that would stop your readers from taking an action? Look over the copy and confirm that nothing in it would prevent readers from taking action. From the subject line right down to the footer at the bottom of the email, evaluate each and every element including the design and the CTA to ensure nothing would repel readers.
  • Is any information redundant? Edit and re-edit your emails until you’ve completely removed redundancy. After all, no one wants to read the same information multiple times.  

Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective

Act on our advice, utilize our email marketing tips when drafting content, and watch your leads increase. If you have any issues or don’t have the time to write powerful copy, you should consider hiring an email marketing agency.

An email marketing agency, like InBoxGroup, will support your marketing efforts, from building your subscriber list to scheduling your emails, you can ensure that you achieve the goals of your online marketing campaign.

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