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Having a website that allows you to promote your business is crucial to your online visibility and success. Creating the best website for your business may seem like a daunting task.

List of Top Website Development Packages

NexGen Marketing NexGen Marketing
New Delhi, India
  • Number of revisions
  • Delivery Time
    3 day delivery
Yuwix Technologies Yuwix Technologies
Dublin, CA
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Scalability and Maintenance
  • Number of revisions
  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Responsive Design
  • Number of revisions
    microfinance software
Gurugram, India
  • Number of revisions
Evo Design Evo Design
jaipur, India
  • Number of revisions
  • Free Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Instigation
Business Consulting Group Business Consulting Group
Katy, TX
  • Number of revisions
Appteria Digital Agency Appteria Digital Agency
Prague, Czech Republic
  • Amount of pages
    Up to 3 pages
  • Delivery Time
    30 day delivery
Innovate Soft Innovate Soft
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Number of revisions
  • Number of pages
  • Database
  • Admin Panel
  • Web design
DenVerse Studio DenVerse Studio
San Jose, CA
  • Customized Solution
    Website Developmet
  • Delivery Time
    1 week delivery
DimeLand IT DimeLand IT
Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Number of revisions
  • UX and UI Development
Fivo Technology Fivo Technology
Noida, India
  • Number of Hours
  • Discovery
  • Desing (UX/UI)
  • Development
  • Testing
Awsmd Awsmd
San Francisco, CA
  • Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Delivery Time
Hidden Brains InfoTech Hidden Brains InfoTech
Ahmedabad, India
  • Developers
  • Scrum Master / Project Manager
    Part Time
  • UI / UX
    Part Time
  • Workshop / Discovery
  • Project Roadmap
One Digit Solutions One Digit Solutions
Karachi, Pakistan
  • Number of revisions
  • Numbers Of Plugins
    3 to 5
  • SEO Optimized
  • Meta Tags Implementation
  • Mobile Responsiveness
LogiClix Tech LogiClix Tech
New Delhi, India
  • Number of revisions
  • Logo
    1 simple
  • Hosting
    Free for 1 year
  • Theme Choice
    Free theme
  • Delivery Time
    3 day delivery
Workshop Orange Workshop Orange
Cheyenne, WY
  • Delivery Project Management
  • Client Engagement Management
  • Drupal project
  • Laravel project
  • Decoupled Drupal + Next.js
iMarketz iMarketz
Navi Mumbai, India
  • Number of revisions
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Creative Designing
  • Stock Images
  • Free Maintenance
Aamod ItSolutions Pvt Ltd Aamod ItSolutions Pvt Ltd
Jaipur, India
  • Number of revisions
Livraison Tech Livraison Tech
Sheridan, WY
  • Number of revisions
  • Number of Pages
  • Hover Effects
  • Dynamic Layout
  • Contact/Query Form
Digital Connecx Digital Connecx
West Hollywood, CA
  • Number of revisions

Web Development Packages FAQs

Determining the best web developer for your business can be a difficult process that often lacks transparency. Browse our web development packages above or read through our commonly asked questions below.

Web development packages are bundled services sold at a flat rate by a service provider. This allows customers to understand the price-point of the services and the end-deliverables associated with a web development project.

Web development projects vary in price depending on the complexity of the website. A very simple website powered by a website builder can cost as little as $1000, while a very complex site can cost anywhere in the $100,000s. Most business websites will cost around $10,000 to set up. This does not include website hosting, website maintenance, or digital marketing, such as SEO or social media marketing.

The web development process is usually broken up into 7 steps:

Gathering requirement - The first step is understanding the goal of your website and how to best address them.

Researching industry trends - Then, many agencies will research your industry to understand your competition and incorporate relevant trends into your site.

Creating wireframes - From there, designers will create wireframes, or a blueprint that visualizes the layout of the site.

Creating visual designs - Once the layout is set, visual designers bring wireframes to life by adding aesthetic elements of the site: images, color, fonts etc.

Development - Then the site gets developed or built.

Testing - Testers, or occasionally the developers themselves, will ensure that the site functions as it should.

Deployment - Lastly, the site is launched and can be used publicly.

The most popular coding languages for web development are JavaScript, Python, SQL, and PHP. However, choosing the right one for your website depends on what your internal team is familiar with and what your goals are.

If your internal team doesn’t work with a specific coding language, it’s best to find a web development package that fits within your budget and can meet your requirements. The development team will then be able to recommend a coding language for your project based on their skills and expertise.

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