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WATSON CREATIVE, founded in 2008, is a Brand Strategy, Design and Digital Agency based in Portland. Our headquarters is nestled between the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia Gorge, some national forests, as well as a few volcanoes. Portland is the perfect catalyst for creativity and mischief; it’s a place to stretch our legs and develop original, evolving, and meaningful solutions for our clients. 

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New York Yankees

When the New York Yankees, a storied team with a storied brand, needed a strategy to deepen and expand their already impressive fanbase, they turned to Watson Creative and our subsidiary Motiv8. This combination allowed the New York Yankees to leverage dynamic ‘shared’ storytelling and one of the most powerful motivation platforms on the market, engaging fans at every consumer touchpoint.We learned early on that fans very much

wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves, that they placed high value in being an “insider” and wanted a chance to demonstrate their dedication to the team. The result? Watson Creative created Legacy Club Rewards, a powerful, multi-tiered club experience for season ticket holders and loyal fans. With integrations directly into Yankee Stadium’s gates and point-of-sale systems, Watson created a fully-adaptable ecosystem, driving deep connections, immersive participation, and rewarding relationships.The team gained the ability to track and incentivize any number of high-value activities, from simple surveys to social behaviors to concession purchases to donating seats to charity. One of the highest value activities came in the form of issuing points for early attendance, a behavior that has driven a nearly 90% increase in early food and beverage purchases for other Watson clients.

How do you rebrand a 140 year old family business? 

Carefully. We approached this project with a clear vision and one priority: don’t mess it up. The Chown family has been around since Portland was an upstart new city in the Pacific Northwest and our task was to revitalize the brand, highlight its strengths and tell a story that defined the company, its history and its future.

Taking the

Chown team through our Brand360 strategy sessions, one thing became clear: The legacy of Chown matriarch Eleanor Chown is what inspired and built the company as it is today. We went back and built that story from the ground up, highlighting the moments along the way that created the vibrant, modern Chown Hardware of today.
Washington County Sheriff's Office  Image

Washington County Sheriff's Office

WCSO came to Watson at a critical junction in time when over half of its force was at or near the age of retirement. This meant that recruitment was crucial to the continued expansion of the force serving Washington County in Oregon. Their previous site was complex and problematic with too much information. They needed a recruitment website that would attract new talent to the force.Our approach to creating an optimized website

first involved strategy workshop sessions to better understand the client. From there we were able to learn how to position WCSO as the premier law enforcement agency for prospective deputies in the NW and beyond. The Watson team employed captivating HD photography, dramatic color, and bold design to accomplish this.

As Kaiser Permanente expands its dental division into the largest dental service in the nation, they’ve partnered up with Watson Creative to solidify their brand strategy and content creation. Together we’ve created the ongoing animated series, “Thriving Heights.” From concept to script, original animation and custom music, the Watson team has brought a unique and creative approach to dental explainer videos, establishing

Kaiser Permanente Dental as a bold thought leader in their field.

But the characters of “Thriving Heights” didn’t stay in just dental for long — they made appearances in collateral displayed at the Portland Parkways and other community events and also branched off to other areas of Kaiser Permanente.  


In preparation for the grand opening of KingPins’ Beaverton location, Watson was tasked to design and build a new website to elevate the brand. Watson’s goal was to raise awareness of KingPins’ new state-of-the-art facility while driving audiences to the new website.

With polished and consistent branding, Watson was able to produce content that told the story of the transition of the beloved Sunset Lanes to

the grand opening of KingPins Beaverton. “Watson Creative is the single most important reason KingPins has been able to develop brand identity in our community in such a short period,” said KingPins proprietor, Tom Burke. “Their team brings expertise and passion that is so important to succeed in our industry. The KingPins grand opening event was a culmination of their hard work and they did not disappoint.”

After the success of their grand opening, KingPins’ next goal was to increase their email subscribers and Facebook followers. Watson deployed targeted Facebook ads incentivizing users to sign up for KingPins’ newsletter with an assortment of prizes. Watson began a Facebook “like” campaign targeted to their desired audience. Watson secured 113% over the desired newsletter subscribers goal, and 234% growth of Facebook likes. During these campaigns, KingPins’ averaged 4X the web traffic and users spent 74% more time on the website compared to data from 2018. Overall, both campaigns proved wildly successful, surpassing KingPins’ goals and securing them a wider audience to disseminate their messaging.

Slice of a City Image

Slice of a City

How do you fit a city in a box? Slice of a City was a new venture long-imagined by founder Carrie Young. A perfect gift for newcomers and natives alike, the inaugural box from Portland would feature curated items that encapsulates the culture of the Rose City. The launch of the new brand would require a comprehensive design from the ground up.

When launching a new brand, it’s important to lay the groundwork

for how it will be portrayed from the beginning. The Watson team orchestrated thorough brand strategy workshops to lock down Slice of a City’s identity. We conducted a full competitor analysis and identified target consumers as we began the design process.

The brand design needed to be fresh and modern to fit with the look and feel of future city boxes outside of Portland. We created a simple, overarching umbrella brand with sub-brands for each city that had a consistent look and feel, yet enough flexibility to ensure that each city was unique. The products in each box would embody three categories: Explore, Taste, Appreciate.

Slice of a City’s website launched in March of 2019. Within a few months, the Portland boxes were sold out. The success of the first Slice of a City box has paved the way for a successful future for the new brand beyond the Rose City. It’s not only a gift, it’s an adventure.