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Since 2015 Veza Digital has worked alongside 23 entrepreneurs and businesses in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. We simply leverage our marketing expertise and help B2C and B2B companies become successful at being noticed in a noisy crowd.


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10 - 49
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Toronto, Canada
  • 100 University Avenue
    Toronto, ON M5J 1V6


Key clients: 

Channel Assist, Inc

Enhancing Brand Presence  Image

Enhancing Brand Presence

When prospects are evaluating different Channel Engagement platforms, we wanted to ensure that Channel Assist remains top of mind by showing people a professional and credible brand who understands channel rep engagement better than anyone else.  

Branding + Website Re-design + HubSpot Integration Image

Branding + Website Re-design + HubSpot Integration

Business Goals: 

  1. Improve Brand Presence 
  2. Improve Conversion & UX
  3. Create Digital Sales Funnel
  4. Future-Proofing & SOPs