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Verseo is a team of over 60 Natural Born Googlers. We can help you use the wide spectrum of possibilities and perfect channels to reach the target audience through:


  • Text ads in search engine
  • Product listing ads
  • Advertising network
  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook Ads


In our campaigns we use advanced algorithms based on machine learning, which are included in our VCM platform.


This system enables to select the algorithm and strategy perfectly adjusted to the size and type of your business.The same algorithm will not be as effective for a small beauty salon as for large e-commerce. Therefore we offer you multiple ways, algorithms and strategies on the basis of our experience in providing services for almost 2000 companies. All of that in simple and easy way!


The Verseo Campaign Manager optimize planned budget within the time limit, to achieve the assumed goal. Thanks to that, the ads can be displayed evenly. The algorithms are supposed to maximize the conversions (in case they are missing – maximize the clicks). Even with a small budget you can get stable results!


Find out how Natural Born Googlers can help you out:

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50 - 249
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Poznań, Poland


Mastersport - solving issues with Verseo

The story behind Mastersport's website's converstions increase:

"Our company Mastersport sales sports goods of well-known brands. Online is an important sales channel for us. We sell through our online stores, but we also sell using various sales platforms. Of course, an online store means more profit for us and no commission that we would pay for someone selling goods instead of us.

This is why we are focused on

developing campaigns around our own online store.

Last year we recorded a drop in sales in mentioned online stores. That's why we asked Verseo to work out together a recovery plan.

We have received tools thanks to which we could optimize and develop appropriate actions. As a result of these activities, at the end of June this year, our sales reached 84% of all sales in 2018.

Main challenge in our industry is to sell the particular product during the season.

The cooperation with Verseo and the ability to quickly respond to changes in the market and conduct an Internet campaign is so important. That's why the tools that Verseo provides us, have a tremendous importance for us. 

For us, Verseo is a good and trustworthy partner with whom you can bond for many years."

What Levant Foods says about Youtube Ads?

Levant Foods about Youtube brand ads:

"From our previous experience and all the campaigns we have run, we can definitely say that Youtube is the most effective. That's why we chose this communication channel and decided to cooperate with Verseo. Youtube is attractive because of its multitude of advertising forms. The campaign, which we run with Verseo, gave us an insightful analysis of results, thanks to

which we learned more about our target group, and what is important, we managed to expand our target group with a young, lucrative and very dynamic target. Due to the indicators that our campaign has achieved, we are very pleased with the cooperation with Verseo. "

What traditional jewelry has in common with technology?

BRIJU is a Polish company founded in 1920 by Jan Piotrowski. Thanks to passion, stubbornness and talent, it is still run by four brothers - the grandchildren of the founder.

The technique of traditional jewelry transferred in BRIJU from generation to generation since 1920. It is visible in every detail of hand-made jewelry. BRIJU is a brand in which history connects with the smaller present. This comparative

tradition is modernity and a symbol of timeless beauty that define the extraordinary power of femininity by matching different tastes and preferences. The precision of the workmanship and the author, the original processing design that every product is timeless.

What Briju says about Verseo?

"When working with technology companies, we focus on the idea of continuous improvement of the company, which is why we work with Verseo. When it comes to sectors in which we work, in addition to e-commerce, we also have a network of almost 70 stores, so the increase in brand awareness in the Internet, not only leads to the increase of sales in e-commerce, but also increases the results in the network of traditional stores . 

I sincerely recommend cooperation with Verseo as a partner who constantly improves his knowledge and works on his own know-how following the latest trends."

Algorithms and optimization with VCM

Świat Agd is an online shop that offers decorations and household equipment.

The VCM platform enables them to target users that are on different stages of the sales funnel and therefore optimize the budget and accomodate it to the best performing.

That's what they say about our solutions: "If you're considering Google ads, you should also know that implementing machine learning is a must

in this type of advertising. Large-scale data, dynamic environment, many ad formats. There is no better partner to deal with it than Verseo. We are sure that our campaigns are lead using the best practices. Thanks to Verseo, we do not need to hire an additional person for performance marketing. In total, it gives us 50% savings."

What our clients say? - Meble Teo's recommedation

Meble Teo is a copmany that specializes in the distribution of metal furniture, office furniture, workshop furniture, industrial furniture, file furniture, safes and locks and padlocks. They offer solid and durable products from brands such as: Malow, Konsmetal, Assa Abloy, Leomar, Euro-Locks, Mul-T-Lock, Chubb and others. Their goal was to reach potential clients through Google Ads.

When we

asked Meble Teo to say a few words about our cooperation, that is what they say:

"I smile in answer to the question about our relationship with Verseo and there is a reason for that. We consider Verseo as highly competent and effective professionals. At Verseo, we found a true partner in internet marketing. They help us identify and invest in marketing solutions that are best for us. This allows us to maximize the expected results. For example, our return on investments last month was 1800%."