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TopDevs team is full of passionate people. Everyone brings their unique set of professional skills to help craft every project from the ground up.  We have 10 years of experience as a solid, delivery-driven, development company and during this time of experience we have worked for clients that include individuals, startups and organization

We are experts in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web and mobile solutions.

We are here to help you transform your business by building innovative software and in using mobile, web technologies that solve actual problems. We provide solutions before they become problems.

We offer you full mobile, web and backend services:

  • Native iOS development
  • Native Android development
  • Web development (front-end & back-end)
  • Product Design
  • Project Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance.

We analyze and design every aspect of your project to ensure that it’s engaging, stylish, and easy to use.


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Toronto, Canada


Mobile Development HELPY Image

Mobile Development HELPY

Product conceptual value

Keeping all the complicated medicine terms and disorders in mind is never easy. Helpy app is designed to save time and efforts for all the health care professionals. Plethora of difficult terms implemented in the app will definitely come you handy in the most crutial moment.


Location tracking Messengers Wellness. Healthcare & Fitness

Team responsibility

- Application design, -

iOS application development Achievements, successful cases

With our hands on the project, Helpy united healthcare professionals, boosted overall online presence, and increased app downloads. https://topdevs.org/topdevs_works/helpy/

Mobile Development QLIQ Image

Mobile Development QLIQ

Product conceptual value

Messaging platform for primary health care providers, pharmacies, ancillary service providers, and patients. Fast and easy communication is sure to improve cooperation and team work between the professionals.


Automatic layout, Custom UI, Objective-C, Pure Sql, Push Notifications, SIP Framework, SqlCipher

Team responsibility

iOS application development

successful cases

Qliq is a free application with a vision to help clinicians communicate with patients easily and effectively through the messaging platform. Doctors are able to use the additional time to treat more patients, safe time by messaging and file transfer functions. https://topdevs.org/topdevs_works/qliq/

Mobile Development VOYAGER Image

Mobile Development VOYAGER

Product conceptual value

Voyager is a free to download app which helps travelers around the world to book fly tickets and hotels, saving them time and efforts. Search and compare to find the best deals on cheap flights and hotels.


Alamofire, Fabric, Firebase, IQKeyboardManagerSwift, Lottie-ios, Swift

Team responsibility

- Application design, - iOS application development

Achievements, successful

As a part the project our team delivered booking app in a span of a few weeks. It allows travelers to book and plan their schedule easily based on their location and preferences. https://topdevs.org/topdevs_works/voyag/



Solocator is a GPS camera for fieldwork. Overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, date & time taken + with Industry Pack (IAP) capture editable notes such as project name and photo description, street address and UTM/MGRS coordinate formats. It can auto save 2 photos to camera roll at once. You can also view photo direction and location in map view and navigate there. So now you will always

know where and when a photo was taken and how to get back there. Product conceptual value

Solocator app allows you to take and stamp photos with direction, location, altitude, date, time etc. Using this app users can easily navigate to the exact location where photo was taken. You can also overlay a photo with required information, export it to Dropbox or Google Drive.




Business Finance Location tracking

Business model



CoreData, CoreLocation, Dropbox, Google Drive, KML, KMZ, Objective-C

Project duration

3 years

Number of team members


Project implementation methodology


Team responsibility

iOS application development

Achievements, successful cases

With extensive experience in tracking solutions, TopDevs team was able to deliver cutting-edge application which brings unique value to their users, and an edge to the business.Application was proved beneficial and ranked high on the App Store, placing 19 position in Navigation category.

Mobile Development "PICLINE " Image

Mobile Development "PICLINE "

PicLine app unites both professional and amateur photographers worldwide. Help photographers to evaluate their work and build a better place. Users can upload pictures, and evaluate recently uploaded photoes by swiping to the left or to the right.


custom grid, endless collection view, Objective-C

Team responsibility

- iOS application design, - iOS application development

Achievements, successful

Company’s objective was to create Instagram based application to unite photographers around the world. Company significantly grew its user base, enhance brand engagement, and drive game lovers to download their gaming app. https://topdevs.org/topdevs_works/picline/




TMM offers its extensive expertise in full set of car transportation services from USA, including all kind of container specification, heavy loads, transit loads, and oversized shipments. Personal care of every item loaded on the board is guaranteed.

Product conceptual value

TMM is an international freight forwarder, customs services broker, and freight insurance provider. TMM smoothly provide cargo flows

from America and Western Europe to the countries of Eastern Europe, Baltic States, and the Middle East. Their innovative logistics solutions customized specifically for your business needs. Technologies

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Ajax, Bootstrap 4, Flexbox, Gulp 4, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, Sass, Select2, Sketch, SlickSlider

Team responsibility

Full Stack design and development

Achievements, successful cases

TMM wanted to push the envelope and expand its business by developing worldwide network for express deliveries and cargo. Website is filled with all the essential information (services, contacts, order, background) which ensured easy communication between drivers and shippers as well as convenient booking and immediate shipment transfer. https://topdevs.org/topdevs_works/tmm/