Mobile & Web Development

Contact us for a free software analysis and development proposal of your project! We will analyze your idea in detail and make your project a reality! Software development for individuals and companies in the web and mobile application domain.

We are an SME enterprise that aimed from first stage to produce high quality software and in order to achieve this high-end standard we refined our development process month after month in past years achieving a super-performant environment and quality team that now allows us to produce software following a SCRUM like agile methodology we invented by getting best practices from all agile methodologies, using innovation and automation such as CI/CD, docker, automated tests, E2E tests, customized workflow management system. We are finally in a shape that allows us to be always on time for delivery and completely avoid regressions following a very strict QA process.

Our main customers are located in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Finland.

Technologies used on board:

- React.js and React-Native

- Redux, Redux-Saga

- Node.js + Express.js + Typescript

- MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis

- Docker, DockerSwarm, Jenkins

- JIRA, Confluence, Slack

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