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Indigo Productions is a world-renowned video production company, dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors. We produce dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired brands and people.

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NYU, Bulgari, Kellogg's, Greystone


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Video Production for Global Investment Firm

"They were really hands-on, and that was of great benefit to us." 

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The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
2014 - 2015
Project summary: 

Indigo Productions produced 6 high-end studio videos to explain the client's investment philosophies. They completed many other additional projects between 2014 and 2015.

The Reviewer
1001-5000 Employees
New York City, New York
VP Digital Strategy, Investment Firm
The Review
Feedback summary: 

As the client's confidence grew, Indigo gradually worked on more high-profile projects, eventually assisting them with their yearly public global outlook. Indigo was organized, flexible, and accessible.


Please describe your organization.

I oversee video for a global investment firm.

What is your position?

I am the Vice President of Digital Strategy.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Indigo Productions?

We needed to communicate the investment philosophies of some of our products and strategies. We were trying to figure out the best, quickest, and most cost-effective way to do that with video.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail.

They did 6 high-end studio shoots featuring executives at the company. Indigo Productions edited that footage to help explain the philosophy behind what we offer.

How did you come to work with Indigo Productions?

We found them through a chain of tertiary connections. We called Indigo Productions to discuss their services and it seemed like it’d be a good partnership.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

We worked with them on a number of projects in 2014 and 2015. Each project was in the range of $50,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

Those projects are wrapped up.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

In the beginning, the videos we did with Indigo Productions were used in a limited release. Over time, we worked with them on more high-profile pieces. When those went well, we ended up using them to work on our public global outlook for the year.

How did Indigo Productions perform from a project management standpoint?

Indigo Productions did well from a project management standpoint. Things were organized and flexible when we needed them to be. From that perspective, it was great to work with them, as that was very important to us.

Is there anything Indigo Productions could have improved or done differently?

No. They were really hands-on, and that was of great benefit to us. I felt like Indigo Productions were accessible all the time, which was super helpful.

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