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Dynamic Dreamz is a rapidly growing web design and development company with 60+ highly skilled IT experts in PHP & MySql Development, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, BootStrap, Responsive/Mobile-tablet friendly layout design, PSD Design, Business Catalyst, Wordpress, Shopify, Big-commerce, Magento, iPhone, Android, SEO etc.

We are very optimistic in client project development journey and easy to work with.

We believe "Quality defines Success and Excellence work as magnet for it". 

Our clients shares more clear aspects about us : http://www.dynamicdreamz.com/testimonials/ 

Our Infrastructure and process : http://www.dynamicdreamz.com/about-us/#our-infrastructure

You can visit many more at our website - www.dynamicdreamz.com

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Key clients: 

Small and Mid Sized businesses. 


Responsive e-commerce store in magento


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Custom PHP Development for Entrepreneur

"They find solutions rather than excuses, and that's the reason why I stick with them."

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The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Project summary: 

Dynamic Dreamz was hired to design and build websites in collaboration with the client, specifically using WordPress and PHP.

The Reviewer
Denver, Colorado
Commercial Business Development Manager, Entrepreneur
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The client has been using Dynamic Dreamz on many of their projects since they began working together and plans to continue using them in the future. The client cited their unique project management style as well as the consistent quality of their work.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I have a company, and Dynamic Dreamz manages the website. We work as a team. I get inquiries to build people websites for various organizations, dentist offices, law firms, plumbing and heating companies – anybody who needs a website. We market together, they do their thing, and I do my thing here in the United States. We work together as a team, and we have built so many websites together. Their price beats anybody's competition here in town, so I pretty much can provide the exact same or better quality websites for half the price that people here do. I have not found a single thing that they can't execute. I am the commercial business development manager.


What challenge were you trying to address with Dynamic Dreamz?

I needed a specialist that knew custom PHP, a webmaster who could take on any type of code, figure it out from another person – from a different webmaster – and add a couple of new features to huge portal sites. He did additional things for me that I was blown away by in such a short period.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Most of our sites are WordPress, which we do through the website design company. They do PHP and the portals, and I do the business development portion, and they are the ones on the back-end that build everything. Any challenge in any kind of working relationship with anybody is all about communication, so in order to facilitate good communication, you have to have somebody who can communicate with the customer, and then on the back-end somebody who is executing the job.

How did you come to work with Dynamic Dreamz?

I found them on Elance [now Upwork]. I wasn't paying too much attention to feedback at the time and how many clients they've worked with before. I always like to give anybody a chance, and I realized after two times of giving people with very little ratings or reviews chances that I was just going to go with somebody that had a lot of good feedback. Not the highest and not the lowest, but just somebody that's just above average. We opened discussions, and I told them everything I needed to do.

How much have you invested with Dynamic Dreamz?

Last year [2015], I spent $15,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

I am continuing the work with them every month.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

The only way that you can really justify metrics is based on conversions or increase when you get calls, but that's not done through that side of that company. They have various different sides to that organization. There are the developers, there are the designers who do all of the design work, and then there is the optimization personnel.

How did Dynamic Dreamz perform from a project management standpoint?

They perform well. You have to guide them because we deal with so many different types of businesses and so many different types of niches. The client fills out a questionnaire, gives it to me, I look it over, I contact the client, go through it and, if anything doesn't make sense to me, I'll fill in the blanks, then I'll go ahead and send the questionnaire to them. They'll review it. If they have any questions, they'll ask me. I'll clarify with the client, and then that's how the work starts, based on the questionnaire.

What did you find most impressive about Dynamic Dreamz?

They find solutions rather than excuses, and that's the reason why I stick with them. Those are the people that you want to work with.

Are there any areas Dynamic Dreamz could improve?

No, because when I ask them to change or fix or improve something, they just do it.

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