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We provide end-to-end product development services. From leveraging your idea to providing industry insights and latest market practices, from competitor analysis to setting up USP for your product, we support, we design, we make, we market, we fulfill and we make you famous in the market.

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Noida, India
  • A-512, Logix Technova, Sector 132
    Noida, UP 201301


Key clients: 

Keystone strategies, Noon Academy, Contetto, Cxihub, ClassLaga, Rollease Acmeda, MacMillian Publishers

Pleb - Dating & Relationships App Image

Pleb - Dating & Relationships App

Pleb is a homegrown app of Zivost Technologies.


It's a dating app that let's your find your perfect one without the fear of judgement of the world.


Built using React Native & NodeJS, Pleb has a complex match-making algorithm, secure chat and multiple checks to ensure your privacy.

Wordoku Image


Developed in house, wordoku is a version of sudoku where you play with real english words.

Keystone Strategy Image

Keystone Strategy

Keystone Strategy delivers transformative ideas in strategy and economics to the world's most influential companies.


Zivost helped Keystone Strategy to streamline their Data Pipelines, Jupyter Notebooks, Scraping Servers, Dremio and various other services running on top of DC/OS and Kubernetes.

ClassLaga Image


ClassLaga facilitates the search for effective classroom and online learning platforms. Zivost built the entire product from scratch and is still maintaining it and adding features each day.
CXIHUB - Cryptocurrency Exchange Image

CXIHUB - Cryptocurrency Exchange

CXIHUB is India's first P2P cryptocurrency exchange.

Zivost helped build the entire product from scratch which included a Web app and iOS/Android apps as well.

The Offers Club Image

The Offers Club

The client (located in Oman) wanted it's customers to have the best experience in getting the best deals and offers on the biggest brands in country.


Zivost Technologies built the mobile app and it's backend from scratch.

The app was built using React Native and the backend comprised of NodeJS and MySQL. The app is hosted on AWS Servers.


The apps saw instant success through it's various

marketing channels and has experienced ZERO downtime so far. Zivost is still improving the app and adding new features as the customers are demanding.