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ZeroDegrees is an agency specializing in user experience strategy, design and development. We have a deep background working with all sizes of companies from small, scrappy startups to Fortune 20 giants. We have strategic partnerships for SEO/SEM, analytics and back-end development to round out the team. If you’re interested in hearing how we can improve your user experience – mobile, web, in store, omni-channel

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Key clients: 

Waters, Emerson Ecologics, CVS, Akamai, TripAdvisor, Vistaprint, Collette, Education First, Northeastern University, Blueport, Maxwell Health, Peabody Essex Museum, Natixis Image

Complexity, Gone Away

Some users are looking for a review of cabin 8512 on the Carnival Vista. Others have no idea what they want. We built a site to serve them both.

Should I take in European culture or soak in Caribbean rays? Should I go when the kids are on vacation, or when the weather is best? Should I get a nice room on a budget ship, or budget room on a nice

ship?And, uh, is it cool to do it on the balcony? (hint: nope)

There are a lot of decisions to make to plan a cruise vacation, and Cruise Critic has more content than anyone to help—articles, expert and user reviews, photos, videos, deck plans, booking, community and more.

Our task was to help put all the pieces together for both an experienced cruiser and a newbie.

The result, an experience that accommodates a multitude of entry points, scenarios and personas—moving users seamlessly through the conversion funnel. Please check out the site at Better yet, start with Google search like our users do (it does well there, too).

Northeastern - Graduate Studies Image

Northeastern - Graduate Studies

No more hard work before classwork

It used to take ten websites to find a grad program. Now students don’t need to think so much.

Professor Plummer in Boston for an Accounting certificate…or, Doctor Scarlette online for a masters in Business Administration? We learned that fitting their life situation is crucial.

We learned that cost is important, but value

more so. We learned that faculty members and their research give credibility.

And we learned that no database had all this info.So we built one.Before this project, students didn’t have a clue.

Beginning with in-depth interviews with prospective students, we studied how grad school decisions are made.

The result, a huge success, the site is now the #3 most visited of the university (out of a thousand or so), and mobile traffic especially is up 69%. But most importantly, this foundational project has led to a prolonged partnership with NU. And they just called—actually—to do the next thing.

Northeastern - Graduate Registration Image

Northeastern - Graduate Registration

One less test

It’s hard enough these days to get into school. It shouldn’t be to get into class.

We have nothing but respect for the abilities of NU students. But navigating an antiquated system for class registration shouldn’t be a prerequisite to studying here. We established a new platform that empowers students.

We started off with a simple

UX idea…What have I taken?

What’s next for me?What are the prerequisites?

What does my schedule look like?…and evolved it to answer deeper questions.

Where did my transfer credits go?How do I substitute a class?

Is my student Visa in good standing?And when exactly do I graduate?

It's a simple idea, but giving students new clarity and control over their classes is making them more successful in their studies.

Vistaprint - Century21 Portal Image

Vistaprint - Century21 Portal

A Leap Forward

Vistaprint has a long heritage of success and innovation. But sometimes you have to clear a path by starting from scratch.

Emelia starts her first job.

Congrats Emelia!

Penny invites her to the company portal to order business cards.

Emelia logs in…

…finds a nice 2-sided template, all black

…fills in her info til it

looks right

…sends for approval


…gets notified

…views the proofs and costs


Emelia gets her cards. So proud! So easy.

This story couldn't be told on Vistaprint's old corporate solutions platform, so we helped establish a new one.

The results, a modern, compelling and intuitive commerce experience that is scaling seamlessly as we speak.

Blueport Commerce Checkout Process Image

Blueport Commerce Checkout Process

The Future is Small

For purchases the size of a truck, we helped create a shopping experience that fits in your pocket.

Becca and her husband are looking to furnish their first home. So exciting. So much to buy!

Thankfully these days, she can do it all right from her phone.

Like buying an 8-piece sectional, with the protection

plan—of course—cause of the boys, scheduling delivery for next Saturday, paying half with PayPal, financing the rest, and using a promo code for a free floor lamp.

Oh, the lamp ships separately, by UPS, no rush.

We worked with Blueport to design and test this feature-rich cart and checkout process. These days the question isn’t what users will do with touch screens, but how can we optimize every piece of the experience to make it easy for them.

York Personas Image

York Personas

Bringing segments to life

What do you see when you look at a wall? If you said, 'a wall,' then you must not be a York persona. Because they see a canvas, a challenge, an expression of personal style.

How do we know that? Because we spent dozens of hours diving into their heads through virtual ethnographies and large sample quant work.

Going in,

York's goals were to:
  • Identify key segment types and their purchase drivers
  • Understand the customer journey including triggers, actions and emotions
  • Develop better-informed market strategies for each segment
  • Gain deeper understanding of the risks associated with how to sell designer products online

From the initial workshop, it was clear that there was no shortage of hypotheses about types of customers. York wanted to pressure test those assumptions with a rigorous and scientific research approach. Most importantly, they needed actionable personas that had both substance and style...kinda like their customers.

Interior designers and consumers brought us into their workspaces and homes through webcams. We saw samples and tip sheets and sites they shop. We listened and watched and asked. And then, when the dust settled, we had personas.

But we didn't stop there. To validate the patterns and size the groups, we ran a large quantitative study. We asked them about attitudes and aptitudes.Then we had slightly different personas.

But we didn't stop there. We took the York style guide and mashed it up with the research outputs. What came out was persona designs that met the high bar of style around the York offices.

Now they are looking for that perfect wall to hang them on.

The result, frame-worthy artifacts that are as rigorously researched as they are beautiful.


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Technology Discovery for IT Consulting Company

"They truly come to the table with unbiased solutions."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
June - Aug. 2019
Project summary: 

ZeroDegrees Inc. ran a complete assessment of the technologies used by a consumer services company to recommend an interconnectivity solution that would allow them to automate their product marketing programs.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Jenn Foster
VP of Marketing, Mosquito Shield Franchise Corp.
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The ZeroDegrees Inc. team recommended practical, smart, and very thoroughly thought-out solutions to their client's problems. They communicated exceptionally well, instilling confidence in their findings through their fair representation of all sides of the issues. 

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I am a marketing consultant that Mosquito Shield has employed as their acting CMO. Mosquito Shield has well over 40 franchise locations, nationally. I strategize annual marketing plans and help deploy them.


For what projects/services did your company hire ZeroDegrees Inc.?

We hired Zero Degrees to review all the software platforms we were using and help us integrate them better into our website so we have a better, more singular source of data and can better automate marketing programs to our leads and customers.

What were your goals for this project?

We wanted a highly connected marketing stack solution that would allow us to better automate marketing programs. Since we use a very industry-specific SAS, it was important to find a CRM solution that would be highly effective with the least amount of custom-api building.


How did you select this vendor?

I've worked with Zero Degrees on smaller, past projects. I felt from their reputation of being technology agnostic and smart solution builders, they were the right choice for this task.

Describe the project in detail.

We have multiple technology platforms; website CMS, business operations SAS, call center software, etc. None of these, due to the nature of our operations SAS being speciality to the industry were connected and API builds were always tens of thousands of dollars.

We wanted Zero to dig in, review all platforms with a critical eye and tell us what we needed to keep, what we could get rid of and how we could connect everything with a relative ease, avoiding custom apis as much as possible so we weren't ever married to one particular solution.

Also, our website was at a critical juncture of needing a massive update and they helped us address what needed to be done to make the load times and conversions FAR BETTER.

What was the team composition?

On the Mosquito Shield side, we had a team of Director of Marketing, Director of Sales and a Franchise Owner that is a highly ranked CIO with the government to determine our Business Objectives.

On the Zero Degrees side, we met with a tech solution architect, a UX/UI director, and a technical project manager. They reached out to our various tech solution contacts to get smart on what they do and how they contribute to our Business Objectives.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Within 2 months, we had a very detailed recommendation on what tech to use, with all the comparisons in the industry in a very unbiased discovery document that we could bring to any other shop to build if we so chose.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

I really loved their communication style. If they needed more information on something, they set up a call. They documented everything, calls, emails etc. It gave me the confidence to answer any questions or objections to the solution they recommended because they were so thorough.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

They truly come to the table with unbiased solutions. I've worked in the web design world and most will sell what they are comfortable with using or who they have coding is the platform they sell. It's refreshing to have a true strategy shop pull together the right solution for the right reasons.

Are there any areas for improvement?

They are an intelligent group of people. Sometimes the vernacular in their documents need dumbing down for the folks that don't have technical knowledge. If I were to advise on anything, I would recommend more simple-speak.

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