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Big Data, Natural Language Processing and System Development (Mobile + Web) with smart algorithms for MNC and government agencies in education, healthcare, FMCG, F&B, logistics and bancassurance.

Explore your business idea with the latest technology in Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mobile App Development and System Development.

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Key clients: 

AON, DBS Bank, Wilson Parking, Telstra, csl, Charles & Keith, L'Oreal, National University of Singapore, GIC, Sirva Logistics, HPB

DBS Bank (HR) Image

DBS Bank (HR)

We worked with DBS bank to create a customised SharePoint Online Intranet for HR requirements. It has announcements and updates, with a monthly news section

It also had a recognition page for internal staff to see contributions by colleagues who have taken extraordinary steps to achieve good service. And allow staff members to see stories of their colleagues who have achieved great customer service above and beyond

their call of duty. It would also allow staff to nominate other colleagues who they think deserve the recognition. There are badges, achievements and profile pages for individuals as well for a gamification element. 

We were able to develop and customise this completely in Sharepoint Online Intranet and integrate it back to their internal Sharepoint server. Our team was able to speak with customer to not just think of functionality, but the business case as well. 

Healthcare Prediction for National Healthcare System Image

Healthcare Prediction for National Healthcare System

Zencode worked with a National Healthcare provider to run Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics models on healthcare data to improve prediction of preventible chronic illnesses, to achieve the national aim of a healthy people through targeted health campaigns. 


From a national level this helps with reducing the burden on the taxpayer for subsidised healthcare and also allowing the government to

target preventible illnesses with strategic campaigns to prevent onset of those chronic illnesses. This in turn ensures a happier population as there is less burden on individual households budgets with less illnesses.


Standard supervised learning techniques for prediction and prescriptive analytics. Zencode is experienced in classification techniques to find hidden insights from unstructured and structured data points. With an experienced team with proven work in Reinforcement Learning, Zencode built cognitive AI agents that helped sort through the millions of healthcare diagnostic records.

Zencode has expertise in understanding the context of data in different semantics, able to extract feature and model topics using standard algorithms like Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA); and using sentiment based analysis – eventually finding the right insights within diagnostic data from hospitals, clinics and private health clinics to give predictive data.