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We are the developers of mobile applications located both in Ukraine and Austria. In 2014 we united into YENA Software GmbH in order to create interesting, useful and high quality applications.

Today our company includes Apple iOS and Google Android developers, crossplatform and server software engineers, UX and UI designers, QA team, sound and video managers, copywriters and other specialists.


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VIenna, Austria
  • VIenna


Key clients: 

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Amway Image


Application helps the resource users to get easier access to video and audio materials from their smartphones.

Tercera Image


Tercera is created as native mobile application for iOS and Android to maximize the coverage of mobile phone users.

SpaceBall Image


SpaceBall is an arcade game where one can check the level of one’s reaction and ability to concentrate. During the game don’t touch any of the appearing balls as long as possible.

LetterBee Image


Educational game for Apple iPad oriented on preschool children. With the help of this game kids learn letters and develop fine motor skills.

TheTidy  Image


TheTidy App is an application which will help user to find the housekeeper who fits the best.

InToDo Image


InToDo is a web-based application for smartphones which is created for organizing and reminding about daily cases. User is able to create a list of things to do about which will be reminded by the app.

Dodots Image


it’s overwhelmingly difficult. It is based on the old Chinese board game “Go”. 
Taplend Image


It's easy now to get a loan in few clicks with one simple app. 

Woonder Image


Food additives Image

Food additives

want to be sure that the food, which they consume, will not affect their health in a negative way Image

Promotional website for a fashion model

Snakelang Image


Simple mobile application for learning foreign words via notifications with a user-friendly interface and a clean user workflow