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[x]cube LABS is a leading digital transformation agency that focuses on customer experience, application modernization, product engineering, and data lakes. With a presence in the US, Europe, Asia & India we have 600+ people working on key projects with leading Fortune 500 companies.

We help enterprises innovate and disrupt markets by leveraging digital as a strategy. Our people, united by the passion for digital technology with a sharp focus on new ideas, approaches, and solutions, make us one-of-a-kind.

We have delivered over 700 solutions across industries, won 25+ International awards worked with 500+ clients & created value of over $2.0 bn for them. [x]cube LABS is also one of the first 12 agencies globally to be approved by Google as a Certified Developer Partner.

Our Services:

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Digital Innovation
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Enterprise Mobility Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Modernization
  • Wearable App Development
  • Enterprise Game Development
  • E-commerce & Customer Engagement
  • Digital Product Development
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Game Tech
  • Serverless, Containers, Micro-services
  • Data lakes, AI, Analytics
  • Cloud Migration, SPOT

Our Clients:

  • General Electric(GE)
  • Honeywell
  • Amazon
  • Sharp
  • Atari
  • Sony
  • Mann+Hummel
  • Panini
  • Mattel
  • CBS
  • Dreamworks

Awards & Recognition:


  • Hermes Creative Award
  • Communicator Award
  • Graphic Design USA ( 2 )
  • W3 Award ( 2 )


  • Davey Awards
  • W3 Award


  • How Interactive Design Award


  • The Dallas Show by Dallas Society of Visual Communication
  • W3 Awards
  • Core77 Design Awards
$50 - $99 / hr
250 - 999
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  • 4153 Commerce Street
    Dallas, TX 75206
    United States
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Key clients: 
General Electric(GE) Honeywell Amazon Sharp Atari Sony Mann+Hummel Panini Mattel CBS Dreamworks
Mobile Games for Movie Promotions Image

Mobile Games for Movie Promotions

  • D3 Publisher wanted to build a game that will be launched alongside the release of their upcoming movie Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted to act as its promotional vehicle. D3 approached [x]cube to build 'Madagascar: Join the Circus', based on its movie story and iconic characters.
  • Our ship-building activity helped with retention as the users had to come back the next day to collect more tools and take the
progress of ship to the next level.
  • A publishing company called D3P served as a mediator between Dreamworks and [x]cube initially and gave their valuable inputs; it did help tweak and improve the game.
  • Digital Transformation Through Devops Image

    Digital Transformation Through Devops

    • Panini, a celebrated name among enthusiasts of published collectibles, magazines, and books, was established in 1961. Their journey goes long back, to a time when even the concept of digital business didn’t exist. As of today, they have a number of different areas of business in which they operate.
    • They approached [x]cube LABS with their challenges and vision. With strong experience in offering digital strategy
    consulting and solutions to enterprises transforming into a digital enterprise and having developed over 700 applications across all platforms, we were confident that with the right set of practices such as DevOps in place, we could help them realize their dream.
  • We retired the older apps, did a gap analysis, figured new directions, and launched the new NFL Blitz and NBA Dunk apps. The new applications supported high-level functionalities, features, games, and came with highly reliable security.
  • Infrastructure Scaling for Handling Increased Demand Image

    Infrastructure Scaling for Handling Increased Demand

    • The client faced challenges as the number of users accessing their global rewards program began to increase.
    • They needed to scale its existing cloud infrastructure. With our expertise in cloud management services, we scaled their architecture to support a large number of users seamlessly.
    • The solution also implemented a strategy to optimize API invocation, ensuring high availability of data, data recovery
    strategy, caching layer optimization and a strategy to move to microservice-based implementation and more
    Learning Through an Immersive Experience Image

    Learning Through an Immersive Experience

    • A renowned name in the field of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems
    • The client wanted to build an operator training simulator that can train their employees on handling real-life incidents that could occur on the factory floor.
    • They approached us with this requirement and we immediately knew that VR/AR/MR was the answer.
    • We developed a virtual reality
    application that recreates a malfunction in the pump and sets it on fire.
  • Trainees are expected to adhere to a standard procedure and shut down the pump before the occurrence of any disaster. 
  • Remote health consultation Image

    Remote health consultation

    • USA based company that provides telemedicine services for patients to connect with doctors via phones, emails, and videos. To make their process more efficient, they wanted to come up with a solution that can reduce overall patient treatment time and save their employees some bandwidth.
    • We delivered mobile apps- both native and hybrid.  Registered members can use the app to consult doctors through phone and email
    without spending much time getting appointments or waiting for doctors.
  • The solution helped to achieve the desired efficiency and deliver better customer experience.
  • Learning Portal for Employees Image

    Learning Portal for Employees

    • American direct-selling, a multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products.
    • They required a learning portal for their direct sellers(ABOs) to provide them with more information on different Amway products.
    • We provided them a website portal and a web app, learning portal, which fulfilled their requirement.
    • The portal provided training modules and support to their
    direct sellers through different training modules that were arranged categorically and were contextual in nature.
  • Users can log in to this portal and access different modules and features that serve to strengthen their journey as direct sellers as well as their relationship with the company.
  • Connected Weather Monitoring Station Image

    Connected Weather Monitoring Station

    • A recognized leader in developing & manufacturing precision weather, marine and outdoor instrumentation, Davis Instruments, wanted to build a connected weather monitoring solution to enable better and accurate access to weather forecasts that can enable better farm preparation.
    • We delivered an agriculture-focused decision-making mobile app, Mobilize, which can generate a seven-day forecast for growing
    degree-days, frost likelihood, evapotranspiration (ET), and rain.
  • The app also allowed the creation of custom views of farms and browse sensor data to track specific conditions related to weather, irrigation, growth cycle, and more.
  • Counterfeit Tracking Solution Image

    Counterfeit Tracking Solution

    Our client faced a challenge when counterfeit products started to mark their presence in their supply chain. We provided them with a solution that not only helped them to identify counterfeits but also to track and record their location.

    With the increasing number of counterfeits, the client was vulnerable to incurring financial losses without being able to track the reason.

    The idea was to have a tracking

    mechanism that can monitor product movement in real-time and make it visible to everyone in the distribution chain.

    We delivered a barcode application and portal that lets the user scan barcodes printed on the company’s products, enabling them to track their location in the supply chain.

    Virtual Reality (VR) for Enhanced Learning Image

    Virtual Reality (VR) for Enhanced Learning

    • Asian Paints desired to achieve another breakthrough in innovation, but this time, for their internal operations.
    • Asian Paints leveraged VR to come up with an interactive learning session for their sales representatives to teach them about their product portfolio and the specific areas of their application.
    • They discussed their requirement with [x]cube Team and instantly received the Team’s affirmation on
    creating an interactive VR experience which will not only enable the trainees to experience real-time issues practically, but also help them to remember those better through the experiential approach of virtual tour and assessment.
  • We, at [x]cube labs, with our unparalleled experience, know that leveraging VR is more than simply building a VR app; it’s about taking a VR-centric approach, creating the necessary ecosystem that can integrate easily into the organization processes and be easily adaptable.
  • We discussed and detailed the list of features that would be necessary to not just meet the purpose, but also to make the learning outcome better than the traditional approach.
  • Engaging Workforce Through Business Gamification Image

    Engaging Workforce Through Business Gamification

    • When Tesoro, a Fortune 100, oil and refinery company, wanted to build a serious game for recruitment and employee training, we leveraged our deep expertise in enterprise gamification to deliver a powerful & engaging HR solution.
    • We developed 3 versions of the game
    • During the game, users will gain points by taking quick actions for alerts and maintaining equipment. i.e. - Users will gain points on
    efficiency and safety ratings, lower ratings equal fewer points while higher ratings equal more points. Users will also earn points for successful deliveries, each time new suppliers or customers are added.
  • We knew from the beginning, that getting the gamification level right for each target group would be key to the success of the game. Our experience suggests that many enterprise-grade training solutions are quickly abandoned by users due to lack of playfulness and engagement.
  • Using Machine Learning to Transform Patient Experience Image

    Using Machine Learning to Transform Patient Experience

    • Dr. Lal Pathlabs identified that a pain point for their customers was having to wait for their reports to be delivered. They would often make calls inquiring about it or visit the lab without inquiring, only to be given a tentative time of report delivery which was subject to various unforeseen circumstances.
    • The prediction was dependent on multiple factors that were closely interconnected and influenced each
    other in more than one way. We had to analyze a complex structure to understand the connection between multiple tests that fall under the same group as well as different groups under different technical departments.
  • We provided a solution that was able to closely monitor and derive the time of report delivery. It took into account the time consumed in various phases of the lab and had scope to include exceptional delays due to reasons such as machine breakdown.
  • Re-engineering App for Better Customer Engagement Image

    Re-engineering App for Better Customer Engagement

    • When UHG wanted to help people live healthier lives through practical challenges and made an attempt to make the health system work better for everyone through OptumizeMe, we stepped in to design a private social network and create a gamified platform.
    • The purpose of this app is to connect people within a company, but more specifically, to create a social network that encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Over 1,000 different lifestyle-type challenges from which you can choose.
    • Challenges could be as small as getting eight hours of sleep at night or some as committed as giving up caffeine or training for a marathon.
    • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle through social network
    Social Media App Developement Image

    Social Media App Developement

    • Successfully carving a niche in social media using mobile app.
    • In an extremely competitive social media space, we helped Cuckoo carve a niche for itself and make the app a part of its user's life.
    • Public Cuckuus - Search and Follow Cuckuus created by other users matching your interests like favorite brands, recipes, hobbies, etc
    • Earn Points- Earn points for every completed Cuckuu and raise your
    level in the app
  • Rankings - See how you stack up against your friends and other users across the global
  • IoT Enabled Smart Filters Image

    IoT Enabled Smart Filters

    • Mann+Hummel is a global leader in the field of filtration devices. With decades of experience and offices in over 80 locations worldwide, the company is synonymous with enhancing the purity of air and water.
    • They approached [x]cube to discuss a connected products strategy that would augment their devices with new abilities, making them easier to monitor and simpler for customers to maintain and take necessary
  • We worked closely with the Mann+Hummel team to understand their products, variety, the technology powering them and specific complaints and suggestions the customers had. 
  • The products, once launched, were extremely well received. Commercial establishments reported enhanced ease of use as they could easily pinpoint trouble areas and fix them immediately.
  • IoT-Enabled Wallet With Fingerprint Access & Mobile Connectivity Image

    IoT-Enabled Wallet With Fingerprint Access & Mobile Connectivity

    • A leading fashion tech startup makes tech-enabled fashion products and travel accessories and make them relevant to the digital age.
    • Our proven expertise in native apps development took the responsibility to enhance their idea and enable them to achieve the disruptive innovation they aspired to.
    •  Increased certain functionalities, fixed bugs, made changes to the app design to enhance the experience of
    owning a smart wallet.
  • The wallet is always connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth to ensure that the wallet is always by the user’s side.
  • IoT Powered Sleep Tracker Image

    IoT Powered Sleep Tracker

    • The world’s first sleep tracker came into existence with the intent to bring the latest in sleep science to the community, so the world sleeps well and lives better.
    • The client wanted to create a device, engineered on a sleep conditioning the technique, that is proven to increase sleep quality by making people fall asleep sooner and reduce wakeful through the night.
    • [x]cube LABS delivered an application
    that successfully restructures sleep cycles and patterns by rhythmic monitored interruptions
  • The application syncs the ring via Bluetooth and allows the device to run independently and generate sleep tracking reports at the end of the session.

    Digital Caddies Image

    Digital Caddies

    Digital Caddies’ new easy-to-use, tablet-based technology platform installs on golf cars and connects to the web through a nationwide high-speed wireless network. The new Digital Caddies platform is a FREE (for qualified golf courses) and powerful tool for golf course operators to improve their guests’ experiences, build guest loyalty, increase course revenue and lower operating costs. The content provided through the new

    tablet platform is specifically designed to promote interaction between the golfer and the device throughout their round and thus provides an excellent opportunity for course operators and advertisers to interact directly with golfers in ways that have never before been possible.
    mTHINX Image


    The mTHINX App, available for both iOS and AndroidTM Smartphones and Tablets, allows users the ability to define events and notifications and view or manage their cameras at anytime from any place.

    BodyBuggSP Image


    Developed for 24 Hour Fitness, The bodybugg system keeps an accurate daily count of calories burned and provides the ability to keep track of what you eat. So, you stay informed, make decisions, and more effectively manage your weight. With the bodybuggSP System you can get real-time access to your daily activity through your iPhone and iPod touch.

    TI-Nspire Image


    Texas Instruments, the No. 1 recommended brand of graphing calculators in the U.S., has optimized its most powerful handheld technology for an all-in-one iPad app that makes teaching and learning math more engaging, meaningful and … fun! 

    PayAnywhere Image


    Start accepting credit card payments today on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. PayAnywhere is a free credit card processing app and free credit card reader which allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

    SATLadder Image


    Compete head-to-head against your friends or random competitors by answering questions drawn from any of the three sections of the SAT®: Critical Reading, Mathematics, or Writing. 

    LoyalTree Image


    LoyalTree is an original concept for the mobile market which allows users to join, interact with and share participation in retailer rewards programs. The App is designed to give users a single source for gathering, managing and monitoring multiple reward programs from various retailers, all members of the LoyalTree network.

    My24 Image


    Get more out of your 24 Hour Fitness membership with the all new My24 mobile app. Download the application and access club information and fitness tools from the palm of your hand.