Digital Technology tempered by Art

WowSystems is a company whose focus is to accomplish the impossible using a synergy of digital technologies, design, psychology and marketing. The company's internal motto is to always exceed customer expectations. Hence the emphasis on making people wonder (say "Wow!"). Wow has a solid experience in designing and developing software and hardware systems in contexts such as tourism, culture, advertising, entertainment, logistics and transportation.

From mobile apps to Windows and Mac native software development, interactive installations of web development, we've been helping our clients deliver cool IT projects.

With a global vocation and ambition, the geographic scope of WowSystems' projects has also been very varied: in fact, Wow has worked for several renowned global brands, with projects in locations ranging from the outstanding Dubai to the small island of Corvo, passing through London, Genoa, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to the services it provides to its customers, the company also develops and markets its own software. Its "Delineato" tool for MacOS computers achieved the #1 paid downloads in countries like USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia and others, being singled out by Apple itself as a "Best New App" in 2013.

The core of Wow's research and development relies on the collaboration between several researchers and doctoral students. Wow is a company guided by curiosity, adventure and invention: numerous scientific articles have been published and disseminated in international scientific events and patents submitted at European level.

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London, United Kingdom
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    United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

We've worked for major global brands such as Real Madrid (developed the official Real Madrid Selfie app for iOS and Android), McDonald's (business analytics platform) or Holmes Place (mobile app for their european gyms network).