Great ideas deserve to be understood.

In the simplest terms, Works Progress is a brand consultancy for SaaS and fintech organizations. Our strength lies in identifying yours and distilling your message down to the strongest, most meaningful elements to uncover the emotional need you satisfy, and make people connect with your brand.

You have radical ideas, revolutionary algorithms, and a better way forward. Your product is top-notch, but your brand is at a crossroads. Wherever innovation has led you, it’s time for your brand to start pulling as much weight as your product. 

Whether your goal is to seek funding, pivot strategy, or help people understand and enjoy your offering more, we’ll turn your MVP into the heavy hitter it’s ready to be.

$150 - $199 / hr
2 - 9
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Norfolk, VA


Key clients: 

LeafLink, PRA Group, Clovyr, Issuetrak, Welligent, and more