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Woodridge Software is a Custom Software Development Firm that specializes in web and mobile applications for businesses.

Our in-house team of business strategists, UX designers, and software developers have the experience and expertise to create custom software including GPS & Mapping, Bluetooth, IoT, and Business Process Software.

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Key clients: 

Arrow Electronics, Hands-On Labs, National Stroke Association, The Nature Conservancy, Cars Helping Charities, CleanPlanet, Outreach Smartphone Monitoring, AirTurn, Contractors Health Trust, Docusite, GMDC, BIMAS-2, University of North Carolina, University of Texas, University of Northern Colorado  

COBiz named Woodridge Software the 2019 Top Software Company in Colorado. Learn what makes us different. 

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring  Image

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring set out to disrupt the antiquated and expensive industry of supplying ankle bracelets used by criminal justice systems. With the help from Woodridge, they proved that they could do it not only cheaper but much, much, better.

Due to the stigma and inherent invasiveness of wearing an ankle bracelet, subjects find themselves in embarrassing and socially limiting situations.


replacing ankle bracelets with a phone, OSM envisioned a solution to the intrusion that these subjects face.

OSM came to Woodridge with a ground-breaking, raw idea. Our job was to turn this concept into a reality – to design and build a product that would transform the processes used by court districts across the country.


The OSM system built by Woodridge has received accolades in the marketplace and has gained widespread acceptance in the offender monitoring profession having been adopted by hundreds of Parole, Probation, Pretrial, Reentry Courts, Drug Courts, Treatment Facilities and Private Probation Agencies across the country.

The OSM app has been recognized with an Innovation in American Government Award-winning product by Harvard University.

Temenos Image


Temenos is the world leader in banking software, whose goal is to provide financial institutions the software needed to thrive in the digital banking age. Temenos has partnered with Woodridge to help integrate their cloud-based platform "Temenos Infinity" with their financial institution clients.

Woodridge’s team of full-stack developers helps build forms and integrate with banking services to assist financial

institutions with their strategic digital transformation.

Using the cloud-based platform, Temenos Infinity, financial institutions no longer need to build tailor-made applications to put key functions online (e.g. account opening or loan/credit card applications). This helps reduce project risk, time to market, and lowers budgets.

Once built, banks can continuously analyze results and iterate quickly with the robust reporting tools available.



The Woodridge UX team underwent a bottom-up exploration of how the original software was conceived. A detailed user analysis was the foundation for rethinking how users interacted with the software.

It was discovered that teachers were required to complete a 30 item questionnaire, for each of their students. For a small class of 20, each teacher would need to answer 600 questions, which was too much work and resulted in

less than 65% compliance.

School Administrators faced a similar challenge when it came to setting up their district and managing teachers. Generating reports from the data was a cumbersome effort as well, often taking 20-30 steps to complete.

The team at Woodridge reduced most tasks to 1-2 clicks, making BIMAS-2 much easier to use and navigate.

Arrow Electronics  Image

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for over 200,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers worldwide. Arrow needed a mobile app for their new B2B e-commerce platform to allow their customers immediate access to track current orders, check status and view history.

The initial release of the application needed to be developed so that functionality could continue to be added and enhanced over time.

Woodridge developed native iOS and Android applications that integrated with Arrow’s existing order management system infrastructure.

The applications allow customers to register and be authenticated against existing Arrow systems and once logged in, customers can search, track and manage existing orders.

Docusite Image


The OSM system built by Woodridge has received accolades in the marketplace and has gained widespread acceptance in the offender monitoring profession having been adopted by hundreds of Parole, Probation, Pretrial, Reentry Courts, Drug Courts, Treatment Facilities and Private Probation Agencies across the country.

The OSM app has been recognized with an Innovation in American Government Award-winning product by Harvard


Woodridge delivered three robust applications, built-to-scale to thousands of simultaneous users: a web application, an iOS application, and an Android application. These apps are now being used to address a prevalent problem in the excavation industry.

Because the apps were architected so that additional features could be added as needed, Docusite and Woodridge continue to work together to enhance the products and to address specific and unique client needs.

Docusite continues to be a solid business partner and Woodridge’s quality of work has provided them with the confidence to trust us with ongoing product design, development and maintenance.

Just Invest Image

Just Invest

For Just Invest, the challenge was translating their proprietary portfolio optimizer into a user-friendly web application. They needed a powerful back-end paired with an intuitive and engaging user experience to create hyper-personalized equity portfolios.

The User Experience (UX) Team at Woodridge worked with the Just Invest stakeholders to plan and realize their vision.

Tasks began with understanding the

complex algorithms and a deep understanding of the needs and goals of the users of the system. User flows and wireframes were created to map out the ideal platform.


Investment advisors now have an investment platform that caters to their needs as well as the needs of their clients. The clients now have the transparency and tools to feel confident that their money is where they want it.

Investors have a benchmark tool that compares investment results as well as an engaging web interface that displays investor’s universe of charts and graphs.

Just Invest anticipates that the platform will be a key driver of growth for their company and Woodridge looks forward to continuing to collaborate on new features and software.

The principals engaged Woodrige to create a software platform that investment advisors would find easy-to-use and that would empower investors to align their values with their investment portfolio.

CleanPlanet Image


CleanPlanet is an international leader in chemical waste recycling technology. They’ve built systems that provide 99%+ recovery efficiency while keeping second-to-second tabs on the health and vital statistics on their processing units.

Managing expensive factory equipment without supervised, on-site technicians requires real-time distributed data collection.

CleanPlanet selected Woodrige to help push this

stream of real-time data to servers in the cloud, where the data could be stored, analyzed, and used to dispatch real-time alerts to technicians on the ground.

Woodridge designed and built a robust monitoring and reporting infrastructure for CleanPlanet recycling units dispersed throughout manufacturing facilities across North America.

The units are communicating 24/7 with the cloud servers that we architected via an Android mobile tablet app.

The system is a prime example of the Internet of Things – harnessing the power of the cloud to network factory equipment with mobile devices and ultimately with offsite technicians to share data and information.

We’re proud to be a part of the recycling efforts that CleanPlanet is achieving!

Hands on Learning Image

Hands on Learning

HOL is the world leader in distance learning and is changing the way that education is delivered and consumed around the world. The leaders at HOL selected Woodridge as a partner to help strategize, envision and build an entirely new cloud platform to replace their existing static learning material.

Woodridge designed and developed a full-service distance learning platform for HOL from the ground up. Both instructors

and students have given the new distance learning platform rave reviews. HOL is actively adding additional enhancements and extensions for this version of the platform and Woodridge will continue to be their primary development partner.
REProTool Image


ET Investments is committed to creating a nationally recognized community of locally owned and operated title agencies thoughout the West.

Real Estate Professionals face daily challenges to be more productive and marketable. ET investments reached out to Woodridge to create ReProTool - a secure and user-friendly mobile app that addresses these needs with utilities that include property lookups and mapping, remote

deposits for earnest money, rate and net sheet calculators, transaction documents and push notifications.

REProTool’s two-tiered administration system allows both ET Investment users, as well as individual title companies control over their respective environments.

Branch and agent management, information storage, and announcement control are a few of the behind-the-scenes tools that ensure a customized, stable and engaging mobile product.

The web-based admin tools are easy-to-use and establish a quick learning environment for new users. Straightforward web application user architecture makes the REProTool suite of products comprehensive, foolproof, and long lasting.


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Custom Software Dev for Chemical Recycling Company

"They've been leading the project from conception to full execution across a variety of platforms."


Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Feb. 2014 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Woodridge Software developed custom software that enables data transmission from remote machines to an Android device via Bluetooth. The system can also generate SMS texts to notify engineers and customers.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Boston, Massachusetts
COO, Chemical Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The tool functions as expected and the in-house team is impressed with Woodridge Software’s expertise. Woodridge Software has provided all the necessary resources and met all needs, while their responsiveness and professionalism made them a reliable partner.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I'm the COO at a chemical company. 


What challenge were you trying to address with Woodridge Software?

We design and manufacture equipment that we can deploy on-site. We wanted to collect real-time data that our machines were measuring and make that data available to our team and our customers to analyze in the cloud. We were looking for a vendor to help us develop custom software.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Woodridge Software used their expertise with Android and Bluetooth as well as an array of web data tools to help us develop a web portal. They guided the entire process from scoping the problem to designing and developing the software. We can receive the data via Bluetooth into an Android device, which is connected to the web portal. Our engineers and customers can log into the portal to look at the data and plug it into the equipment as if we were present with it–even though it's thousands of miles away. We've extended the capabilities of the system since we first began, so the system can even generate SMS text notifications to get the attention of our technicians or customers.

What is the team composition? 

We have one main point of contact and we've worked with five other people, including UX/UI designers and programmers.

How did you come to work with Woodridge Software?

I had a business colleague who worked with Woodridge Software and recommended them. 

How much have you invested with them?

We've spent over $100,000.

What is the status of this engagement? 

We started working with them in February 2014 and the relationship is ongoing. 


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement? 

The skillset that Woodridge Software has brought into the project enabled them to create a tool that helps our business model work. Our expertise is mostly in designing things made out of steel, so Woodridge Software's experience has been crucial to the development process.  

How did Woodridge Software perform from a project management standpoint? 

We mostly use email, phone, and video conferences to communicate. (We're based on the east coast and they are in Colorado, so I've never met them in person). They're generally very responsive, especially if there is an emergency. 

What did you find most impressive about them?

Woodridge Software has been a one-stop-shop for us. They've been leading the project from conception to full execution across a variety of platforms. 

Are there any areas they could improve?

At the beginning of the relationship, there were some issues with the architecture, which required them to redo some things. That was a bit of an issue because we pay them hourly. But they have a lot more expertise now, so we haven't had any problems.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Be clear about your vision and your timelines. The more details you can provide in terms of your expectations and the structure, the better they can meet your needs. 

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