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At Wings Tech Solutions, we love exploring challenges across various industries. It gives our team an opportunity to peek into how IT can be the solution to so many problems faced across various different industry verticals. Over the years, we have catered to clients across many industry verticals such as Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Education, Films & Entertainment, E-commerce, Logistics, Retail, Travel & Leisure, Manufacturing and Legal Consulting & Insurance among others.

There is a lot of experiential learning that our team has undergone since we started chugging along in 2010. Taking offshore projects has certainly helped – it is something that has shaped a global perspective for our team. Having worked with some of the biggest companies all across the world, our team knows how valuable certain qualities are – professionalism, time-bound deliveries, and support. This perspective has become a part of our DNA and it trickles down in all the projects that we handle today whether small or big.

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Key clients: 

US Legal Insurance,,, Pofi Technology,,, Abasys Tech,, Go Ecolo, Video Bank, HQTS, Sound House Apps

Auto Task Bots | Automated Control Interface

This system keeps track of balance, profit, and loss of gamers accounts in multiple different gaming websites. The system can create various Bot tasks such as automatic registration, balance update, file upload, and play games.


The tasks to be accomplished were:

  • Automate the process of data collection for many different accounts and keep it updated
  • Update data in real time without needing to refresh the page.


We integrated Firebase to update all data in real time. The system shows updated data at all times, without needing to refresh the pages as the traditional systems need. 

We created different Bots to automate the tasks and integrated them with the control panel to give clients the flexibility they needed in operating the Bots.


Core PHP, MySQL, Firebase, Java, Selenium


U.S. Legal Services | Back-end Insurance Platform

The U.S. Legal Services has been providing legal representation and tailor-made legal insurance plans to their customers all across the United States for over 40 years.


They needed a Comprehensive online management system for members, agents, employees, and attorney to manage and monitor all business operations on a daily



In order to help the company manage its day to day operations, Wings Team incorporated various modules such as Customer Management, Attorney Management, CDL/Matter Tickets Management, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Agent Management, and ID card printing among many others.


AngularJS, MySQL, DreamFactory, Mailgun API,



VANI | Product Tracking Solution

Digital / VFX studios don’t have many digital solutions to track various aspects of the production work they do. There is a big requirement for studios to keep track of their projects, series, episodes, sequences, tasks, etc. 


To plan and monitor the progress of their work as well to reduce costs with meticulous planning and relevant statistical



VANI is a 360-degree solution; it helps studios at every step in their production. For instance, VANI can help in on-boarding an artist, keeping the life cycle record of an artist, shuffling of artists, keeping track of productivity of everyone involved and of the progress of projects (movies/series).


Angular 4/5, Laravel (APIs), MySQL


Dealer Platform | An online platform for auto dealers

Dealer Platform has a unique business model. They provide a multi-site hosted platform that enables auto dealers to create their own platform in a matter of just a few minutes. 


DealerPlatform wanted us to develop a platform that would allow auto dealers to create their own websites and market their products. Team Wings Tech Solutions was called to develop the bespoke portal

and provide post-live support.


We roped in some of the best people from our team to realize this wonderful concept. The key challenge was customization – after all the USP of the company was to provide customizable & easy to make websites. Hence, we took care of that part by integrating multiple custom made and third-party plug-ins that provided amazing customizability as per the needs of the clients.


WordPress Multisite



DMV.ORG | Scraping Tool

The company is into the business of making DMV processes simple. DMV.ORG has a wide reach spanning across all 50 states in the US. 


To develop a tool that could fetch specific, public data from the DMV websites of 50 different states and update the latest fetched data on DMV.ORG website


Our engineers

built a regular expression tool that scrapes DMV location/office time details/ updates across all state DMV websites and display it on DMV.ORG. The tool runs automatically every day and collects relevant, up to date information.



Alpha Rep Service | Field Service Management Platform

Alpha Rep Service is a Field Rep Management system that helps companies manage their field representatives nationwide. With the advent of ARS, Kalan Services has enabled companies to create their own network of representatives on the platform. Furthermore, companies can even create and delegate assignments and job tasks to the representatives in their network. This platform has immensely benefited the field representatives

as they can submit surveys online directly onto the platform and get paid for their work. We have even empowered ARS platform with a subsystem called SYI (Submit your Invoice) for conveniently expediting invoicing and payment processes.

Video Bank | An App for digital content exchange

VideoBank is one of the most reputed companies operating in Video & Data Asset Management sector for more than 20 years. The company’s customer base spans across various segments including but not limited to Education, Media & Entertainment and even Military.


VideoBank basically intended to build its own content exchange mobile app (for iOS & Android) that would fully

integrate with its line of highly successful products. Being a behemoth in the industry itself, it needed a highly competent team of app developers for its new product. That is where Wings Tech Solutions chipped in.


The first thing that we did as a team was to grasp the specifics of the concepts and put it in a wire-frame. We had a close look at its other flagship products such as Digital Content Manager (DCM), Live Map Viewer (LMV), Video Vault, Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) and many others to better understand the scope of the project. 

After all, Wings Tech Solutions integrated the client provided Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web-services with the state of the art application for Android & iOS.


iOS, Objective C, SOAP

Goecolo | Online Grocery Shopping Platform

When we got in touch with Goecolo, they wanted to create a marketplace for shopping groceries from nearby stores.


They had very specific requirements from us:

•  build an online grocery marketplace

•  create separate log-ins for both the store owners and customers

•  track delivery status of



After researching the requirements of Canadian customers and their taste in design, our UI/UX developers designed a state of the art grocery shopping portal. The portal had two separate dashboards – one for the buyer and one for the seller. Both these dashboards had distinct functionalities. 

Today, Goecolo has flourished in Canadian neighborhoods, where it has thousands of customers who buy day-to-day grocery items from their favorite grocery stores near them.


Laravel 5.x, MySQL,

Pofi | A multi-vendor E-commerce platform

A multi-vendor shopping cart is all in rage among small and big vendors owing to the phenomenal success of Amazon, e-Bay, Flipkart, and Alibaba. Basically, a multi-vendor e-commerce platform refers to a marketplace platform where buyers and sellers initiate or conduct transactions and share the same shopping cart. 

We got an opportunity to build one for Pofi



•  creating multiple product and service vendor profiles

•  creating full-fledged e-commerce stores for vendors along with transactional capabilities

•  smart search features to help customers discover services and products online


As requested by Pofi Technologies, we created the bespoke multi-vendor marketplace. Like any other multi-vendor portal, service providers can register online and can communicate with the users about what kind of services they provide and what they charge for those services.

This platform has gained immense popularity all over the world, but especially in Turkey, where there are thousands of portal users. The best part about the portal is that it is completely free for use by one and all.


iOS, Android, Laravel (APIs), PostgreSQL, Google Maps APIs, Realm (Core Data) for local database, Angular JS, Node JS

Techpure | A Travel application

The app revolves around the travel industry and to be used by travelers across the world who are traveling from agencies. The app will also be used by agents of a travel company to interact with travelers in real-time.


To make an end user enable to do chat with the support team and get a VOIP call from the team.


We've developed the

application with two separate perspectives – one for the marketing and one for the customer. In the Marketing perspective, the end user can able to get the info about the different packages. They can get tiny details related to a specific package.

In the Customer perspective, the End-user can able to see his own packages and detailed concepts of integrated packages also they can able to get every piece of information about past and ongoing tour.


Android, iOS, Asterisk, Firebase

Brothers for Life | An ionic app

The app is a platform for military personnel who is in need of help. When the User1 click the Red button for help, then User2 will be able to connect with User1 to chat with them.


  • Integration of chat using firebase real-time database
  • Help request management for connecting two users


We integrated

Firebase to update all chats in real time. The application shows updated chats at all times, without needing to refresh the pages as the traditional systems need. It also shows notifications in real time and provides a great performance boost.


Ionic, Firebase