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Khmelnytskyy, Ukraine
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    Istanbul, IST 34394


Key clients: 
Sodexo, BNP Paribas
Sodexo - Telescope CRM system Image

Sodexo - Telescope CRM system

Telescope project is a new innovative CRM and personnel dashboard for one of the biggest transnational corporation operating in food services and facilities management. 

Telescope allows employees to easily work with big amount of data about the company's customers and financial reports.

All ready, tested and actively used within Turkish market, currently under development in United Arab Emirates.

BNP Paribas - TEB Investment Project Image

BNP Paribas - TEB Investment Project

The project belongs to a leading Turkish bank, TEB, that is a part of the BNP Paribas group. This platform brings together investors and innovators to bring great ideas into life.


Burgan Bank - CRM Image

Burgan Bank - CRM

An intuitive CRM to better track & manage leads, and close deals faster. 

Analyzr for Instagram Image

Analyzr for Instagram

Followers, posts, likes, comments and story analytics​ for Instagram.


Users can analyze Instagram followers; who unfollowed you and who is not following you back. 



  • Top Likers
  • Least Likers
  • Top Commenters
  • Least Commenters
  • No Interaction Followers
  • Non Followings
  • Non Followers
  • Hidden Story Watch
  • My Stories
  • Top Viewed Stories
  • Least Viewed Stories
  • Most Story Viewers
  • Least Story Viewers
  • Who Viewed Your Profile
  • Followers Gained
  • Followers Lost
  • Followers Who Blocked You
  • Most Liked Posts
  • Most Commented Posts

    Marketplace for books Image

    Marketplace for books

    Developed for Android and iOS platforms social book platform Manetho is a marketplace that allows users to easily buy and sell books. 

    iOS app:



    Android app:

    Recontact Istanbul Image

    Recontact Istanbul

    THE FIRST CINEMATOGRAPHIC MOBILE GAME OF THE WORLD, Eyes of Sky will offer a brand new interactive cinema experience.


    Instead of the former type of video games, in which only the videos of cut-scenes are real but the game designs only settle with photographs or animations, Eyes of Sky’s videos can be interfered with and are interactive and its thriller that

    is shot in real locations with real actors. You will not only witness a comprehensive murder investigation but also become the actor/actress in the leading role in a mobile movie you have never experienced before with the superintendent Ersin (Fikret Kuşkan).


    The most mysterious city in the world, Istanbul is hosting the game with its historical textures and secrets.



    Try to push the limits of your attention, patience, and intellect while trying to identify suspects with the related descriptions through security cameras, interrogate them and determine suspicious answers and collect evidence regarding the investigation via decrypted hundreds of photos, videos, and diary entries.


    Bringing together leading names of the movie sector including Fikret Kuşkan, Haldun Boysan, Gökçe Suyabatmaz, Emre Mutlu and Halim Ercan, the script doctor, and consultant of Eyes of Sky is the world-renowned detective novel author, Ahmet Ümit.



    Recontact Istanbul II: Eyes Of Sky has a brand new dynamic, which is the level of your unique intuition. Each wrong move you make during the game will consume your level of intuition. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while interrogating suspects and reviewing files. Do not forget that attention, an inquisitive spirit, patience, and intelligence is of utmost importance in this game.

    GANG - Multiplayer shooter Image

    GANG - Multiplayer shooter

    GANG is a multiplayer shooter game where users can compete online in the arena for 6 people. Created for iOS platform.