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Website KLUB dates back some 5+ years, when we got the opportunity to build our first websites for diverse clients. It was, however, in the months of September and October of 2017 when we decided to form Website KLUB in its current format. The idea behind was fairly simple – we felt that there was a large community of businesses from different industries who were not adequately served.


While everybody is aware that online presence is a must these days, industry is often dominated by digital buzzwords and professionals with superb understanding of IT, but unfortunately, fairly limited know-how of how their customers operate or what their objectives are.


Finally, we recognized that projects – website development – are frequently delayed and de-prioritized. Or how, after going live, promised support was missing – because money had already exchanged hands.


At Website KLUB, we live by a simple motto: Affordable – Simple – Fast. We ensure that our customers get the best value for money in the industry.


We speak your language, demystifying all the digital lingo, and understanding your priorities, not ours. We built the right infrastructure so that your website is up and running as agreed.


Website KLUB was founded by 4 enthusiasts with a combined experience of almost 100 years in different industries: Consumer Goods, Marketing, Hospitality, Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction.


We want to understand your business before making proposals, and we are not talking merely about a short discovery session.



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Key clients: 

Optimal Breathing Association

E-commerce Store for Image

E-commerce Store for is founded by Michael Grant White, the Optimal Breathing coach, also known as The Breathing Guy. This site was very old, with a lot of traffic, but failed to meet the visitors expectation.

Website KLUB revamped the site with e-commerce and a whole bunch of new & exciting features. The different tactics that we used to revamp and promote resulted in a 70% hike in the traffic and

40% increase in their revenue.
E-commerce Store for Beyond the Barre Image

E-commerce Store for Beyond the Barre

Beyond the Barre has been a reputed dance store in NJ.

Beyond the Barre is owned and operated by Danielle Hernandez, who has near 30 years of dance training, competing and performing. Danielle landed her first professional dance job at the tender age of 11 where she was cast as a featured dancer in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

he was a Junior Nets Dancer for the NJ Nets basketball

team and later became one of the youngest NJ Nets Dancers at 17 years old. Danielle received her acting and musical theater training at the prestigious Musical Theater Works Conservatory and successfully performed on many regional stages including the New Jersey State Theater and the Rogue Theater Company in NYC.

Website KLUB designed, developed and marketed a complete online store with 6000+products ranging from kids to ladies' dancewear and accessories.