Custom Software Development

WEFORWEB - is an IT company that is actively involved in developing personalized applications and identifying innovative solutions to increase end-user performance and the effectiveness of the work of the final beneficiary.

Since 2017, WEFORWEB has focused on developing customer-centric applications, taking into account all aspects of its business, integrating them permanently into the proposed solutions.

Applications are developed taking into account the domain in which they will be used, the groups of operators who will use the application, easy maneuverability and the ability to understand how to use the application as quickly as possible.

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
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Brașov, Romania
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Pizza Pazza

The goal:

  • manage a larger number of products and support a rapid increase in sales / turnover
  • have functionalities that meet marketing needs
  • possesses a wide variety of pro-user features
  • to be in line with the latest trends and requirements of the UX design
  • be integrated with various internal finance and logistics systems and external sales portals