We make digital products that deliver impact

We make digital products that deliver impact for entrepreneurs, startups and forward thinking organisations.


We’ve always believed in offering something unique, something more genuine and outspoken than the standard fayre and wanted to create something which speaks to our customers about who we are and embodies the impact we can make, to be bold, honest and different - the antithesis of treading water.


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Limpid Markets -  Groundbreaking fintech Image

Limpid Markets - Groundbreaking fintech

Would precious metal traders use an online platform instead of an intermediary voice broker?

Precious metal derivatives have traditionally been arranged by a voice broker acting as an intermediary between traders to arrange deals. But a new generation of traders have become used to arranging deals using online platforms, which removes the need for a broker and reduces fees, whilst providing greater


Our wave

We created a platform, the first of its kind for precious metal derivatives, targeted at the London and Zurich over the counter (OTC) interbank markets for precious metal swaps, EFP and physical precious metal participants. The platform provides a price discovery and proposal mechanism without the need for an intermediary voice broker.

Our impact

Since launching, Limpid Markets has become the de facto platform for precious metal swaps and EFP. The customers are well established, high profile financial institutions who are members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).


of all interbank market participants now use the platform.

Vote for Policies - Empowering voters Image

Vote for Policies - Empowering voters

Could we help voters make an informed decision about who to vote for and increase voter turnout in the General Election?

Cometh the General Election, cometh the party manifesto. And yet for most people, trawling through these documents, reviewing and comparing party policies is time consuming and unappealing. There’s no easy way for people to compare every party’s policies in one place and so voting decisions

often don’t go beyond our own prejudices.

Our wave

We created a service allowing users to compare policies on a range of key issues (such as education, health or economy) without knowing which party they belong to. At the end of the process, users are presented with an overview of the policies they selected and which party they belong to.

Our impact

Vote for Policies is the only service that enables you to compare the actual policies of each party, helping you to make an informed, unbiased decision purely on manifesto pledges.

Pubal.app SaaS platform Solving property management problems Image

Pubal.app SaaS platform Solving property management problems

Could we improve the efficiency of property managers by centralising all their property information into an online platform?

Property managers can struggle to effectively manage their properties because they can’t keep track of planning, maintenance and financial information; documents are often scattered in various different locations and in inconsistent formats, often as hard copies.


We created Pubal.app, a SaaS platform for property managers to keep information related to a property in one centralised place, enabling them to easily manage, view, analyse and share property information.

Our impact

The SaaS platform was launched in early 2019 and is now enabling several businesses to make faster decisions regarding planning, improvements and maintenance as well as providing a secure and centralised place for financial, legal and other important documentation.

  • 3 Months from MVP to SaaS platform