User Experience & Digital Product Design

Eons before Design Thinking, there was Human Thinking.

Our ancestors observed the stars, weather, and other clues in nature to explore their surroundings. Today, we fuse science, creativity, and technology to improve our condition and tame complexity.

Wayfinder is a full-service digital experience design agency dedicated to using clean data and real insights to create exceptional digital solutions.

Since 2004, we have collaborated with dozens of individuals, new ventures, and multi-national enterprises to investigate and solve problems that matter and design digital experiences that make a difference.

We plan and conduct research, and design and develop websites and web-based applications that educate, enable, entertain, and entice your audiences.

Why work with us? Because we are...

  • Experienced
  • Nimble
  • Efficient
  • Collaborative
  • Detail-oriented
  • Cost-effective

We can help you...

  • Discover latent needs and desires
  • Extend, enhance, and elevate your brand across digital media
  • Define your experience vision and product roadmap
  • Establish user experience, user interface, and technical standards
  • Optimize existing digital solutions
  • Bridge the gap between people and ideas
  • Drive real change and growth 

Diverse by nature, not by design

Wayfinder is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a proud member of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC). We value the diversity of skills, experiences, and heritage of our team members and know that our differences are as important as what we have in common.

More than anything, we're proud of the trust our clients have had in us and we look forward to earning your trust.

$150 - $199 / hr
10 - 49
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Miami, FL
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    United States


Southeast Toyota Finance (SETF) Collections Experience Image

Southeast Toyota Finance (SETF) Collections Experience

Launched in 2016, SETF’s website was dated, limited its ability to manage content and communicate with its customers, poorly extended the brand, lacked personalization, and is was singularly focused on enabling customers to make payments. Their +400,000 customer base deserved better.

Within 8 weeks, we redesigned desktop, tablet and mobile versions of their customer website and transitioned the solution to their

internal development team.
myUL Customer Portal Image

myUL Customer Portal

For the past 125 years, UL has been a symbol of trust, supporting the responsible development and marketing of products to enable public safety. But new and returning customers lacked visibility into their projects and repeatedly had to provide product data to support every order. Working with UL was a challenge. Over the past five years, we have collaborated with UL to define, design, and develop their first true customer portal
which recently matured from concept to beta to production in 2019.
Walgreens AR Prescription Eyewear Concept Image

Walgreens AR Prescription Eyewear Concept

UL Verify Product Marketing Claim Verification Platform Image

UL Verify Product Marketing Claim Verification Platform

FedEx Customer Onboarding Experience Image

FedEx Customer Onboarding Experience

Expo Freight (EFL) Website Redesign Image

Expo Freight (EFL) Website Redesign