Maximum Digital. Minimum Nonsense.

Waste is an independent digital creative agency founded in 2006 on the principle of cutting out unnecessary agency fluff in favour of urgency, expertise and a no-fuss attitude. We call this approach ‘Maximum Digital. Minimum Nonsense.’


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London, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Our client list includes Supercell, the mobile gaming giant, for whom we deliver player acquisition and retention built around community listening and high-speed, high-quality content creation. Other entertainment clients are Nintendo, Sega, Warner Brothers, Turner and Ubisoft. We also provide digital leadership for energy giant Centrica, covering British Gas, Hive, Dyno and Direct Energy. Other clients include dating app Badoo, lottery giant Camelot and media brand family Oath.

Camelot - A winning partnership

Every year, The National Lottery donate millions of pounds to Sport UK, funding thousands of British athletes. When those athletes went off to compete in Rio 2016, Camelot asked us to create engaging content that celebrated how their players supported Team GB.

We did just that, creating a celebratory piece for every single medal win at the games and being the first to

post about it. This meant working around the clock and drinking gallons of coffee as we tracked the athletes’ every move, so Camelot was the first brand to break the good news on social as the UK woke up and checked their feed.

Our videos racked up over 10 million views and TNL received over 20,000 mentions across Twitter and Facebook - more than three times as many as the number two brand, Nissan, with just under 6,000 – all the more amazing for a brand without official ambassadorial deals being agreed.

The overall goal to boost the public's awareness of the role played by lottery funding in Team GB's success nearly doubled, with awareness rising from 28% before the campaign, to 54% after it launched.

And of huge importance to Camelot the campaign also led to an uplift in sentiment, with 68% of National Lottery players saying they felt more positive about the brand

Using Hive Smarter - Peace Of Mind

Half the magic of Hive is how you bring it all together to work for you and your lifestyle, but showing all this possibility in one place online hadn’t been done. So we brought this to life by creating a 360 interactive web experience, showing everyday uses of Hive products in action. Allowing users to move through a real home at their own speed, learning about Hive and finding out how it could work for them.

Badoo’s First Date Guide

Our first brief called for social content that would drive digital acquisition. In return, we created an engaging, long-form video that appeared on Facebook and Instagram. In under four weeks, we’d scripted, shot and localised it to run across 14 different markets, and then edited it into snappy pieces of snackable content, making our hero film work hard across all social channels.

After our first successful campaign, we

wanted to get a deeper understanding of online dating behaviour. We ran focus groups with our core audience and uncovered some unexpected insights. For example, online singletons all wanted to know more about the person they were looking at, in an authentic way (rather than suspiciously unpacking their IG filter and Photoshop skills.) They wanted to break through the fantasy and see the real person. We quickly realised that this need for authenticity could have the perfect partner in Badoo’s new product: video calling.

Brawl Stars Global Launch!

The challenge was to create global hype and authentic excitement without resorting to ads and traditional launch assets, which they’d largely ignore! Using player insight built on social listening & analytics, we developed a strategy that tricked the world into thinking the game would be killed. With just a few choice assets and Machiavellian use of social media, we generated 5 million pre-registration sign ups in 8 hours

(the target was 1m in 4 weeks). Our content averaged a 26% organic engagement rate. Ultimately the game went to #1 in 32 country’s app stores. It earned Supercell $10m in week one, and now has over 100m players. And we didn’t spend a penny on social amplification during the launch phase.