Wafer OÜ (Wafer Electronics) is a startup based out of Goa and Estonia, that develops  Applications and Products. We provide Product Development solutions by means of intuitive software and hardware solutions that have effortless user interaction. Our products are meticulously designed for the future with uncompromising prototyping, testing and experimentation.

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Miramar-Panaji, India
  • KOKM Innovation center, St Mary Colony,
    Miramar-Panaji, GA 403001
other locations
  • 181A, Riia Street, Teadus Park,
    Tartu, Estonia, 78 50407


Key clients: 
1. Alphalake AI 2. Aaron Humphreys - Intrface 3. Extra Technology 4. Srijan Technologies 5. Super Innovators 6. Sealed Air 7. McKinsey & Company 8. Globe Telecom 9. M&H Uniforms
Tungsta - Intelligent Street Lighting Image

Tungsta - Intelligent Street Lighting

Intuitively Manage Streetlights with a Centralised System.

Tungsta is a cloud-based wireless system for your street or outdoor lighting. Our system works by connecting to LED fixtures or retro-fitting to existing fixtures.


1: Control and Dimming: Control and dim fixtures to enable optimum lumen levels based on requirement.

2: Remote Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of fixtures for faults

and failures with instant notifications.

3: Energy Savings: Measure every watt consumed and save up to 68% energy with operational intelligence.

4: Easy Maintenance: Maintenance scheduling to help repair faults faster and efficient inventory management

5: Motion Sensing: Save more energy with integrated motion sensing enabled during in odd traffic hours.

6: Interactive Mapping: View all fixtures on Google Maps for easy access to fixture location during maintenance.

7: Scalability: Easy integration of sensors, camera, Wifi hotspots etc. thus making each pole an IoT device.

8: Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all light fixtures from leading lighting manufacturers across the world.

Wafer Tags Image

Wafer Tags

Wafer Tag is an awesome NFC tag for all existing NFC-enabled devices. Now complete your everyday tasks by just tapping your phone on to a Wafer tag. 


In order to make interaction with the Wafer tags more convenient we included the option of customization. 


With this option you can add your own text to your tag, and will print customized Wafer tags for you. 


Now you can have unique

personalized tags for all your tasks. This way you will never forget what task each tag is assigned.
Urban Alchemy Image

Urban Alchemy

Mobile and web-based Construction Management Software connects field and office teams. It helps users effectively manage construction projects, resources, and customers. Construction management software increases the efficiency and accountability of construction firms and businesses while streamlining previously manual processes, such as daily internal communications, job scheduling, punch listing, and QA/QC list creation.

Construction management software is designed to work with or without an internet connection, bridging the gap between the onsite construction crew, project owner, and other stakeholders in real time. Construction management software is used to track labor and equipment, create and send out bids and takeoffs, log work hours, and generate reports about the progress of projects. Construction management software allows relevant parties to keep a pulse on the project, as well as stay in connection and communication with each other, from start to finish. Construction management software also helps cut down operational costs, improve scalability, and leverage cloud technologies.


Key Benefits of Construction Management Software

* Allow easy access and sharing of documents, data, and other information related to a project

* Improve communication with both team members and customers, increase accountability and transparency within a company, and ensure the timely completion of construction projects

* Integrate existing processes and systems for seamless business and project management

* Enables Efficient Resource Management.

* Improve business growth and future business development.

* Create Manages Accounts for Vendors And Suppliers.


Plugzee Image


A tiny device that turns any audio speaker into a Bluetooth speaker with high-resolution audio.

Plugzee connects simply to the 3.5mm audio cable of any active speaker, pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and lets you stream music wirelessly.


1. Experience the unique features and great pairing capabilities of BLE 4.0.

2. No more additional wires, charge with existing micro USB


3. Enjoy high quality audio streaming over Bluetooth with AptX codec.

4. 18 hours of playback &amp; 30 day standby to listen music on-the-go.

5. Answer calls hands-free with an built-in noise cancelling microphone.

6. With a range of 15 meters, stream music from any corner of the room.

DDive Image


Influencer Marketing Social App

Saarthi Image


AI and ML Powered Chatbot

24*7 Hotel Assistant to Guests creating a lasting Experience for Guests

Mind Detox App Image

Mind Detox App

Guided Meditations. Prepare to relax and unwind with Mind Detox, the only guided meditation app for every mood. Care about your wellbeing as you learn to meditate with a purpose. Simply select how you would like to feel from the specially designed 'Mood Menu' and listen to the instructions.