Wafer OÜ (Wafer Electronics) is a startup based out of Goa and Estonia, that develops Internet of Things (IOT) Applications and Products. We provide Product Development solutions by means of intuitive hardware and software solutions that have effortless user interaction. Our products are meticulously designed for the future with uncompromising prototyping, testing and experimentation.


Our Solutions:

Mission Critical IOT Web Applications:

We have expertise in building Cloud-based IoT applications for various products and platforms. We help our clients in implementing Cloud-based IOT solutions using the latest of technologies.

Technologies :

Frontend :

Languages: Javascript, Typescript

Client-side Frameworks: Angular, ReactJS

Backend :

Languages: Ruby, Java, GoLang, Javascript (Node.js)

Server-side Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Flask, Express

Stacks :

Ruby on Rails, MEAN and MERN


IOT Product Design and Development:

We have over 4 years of experience in Design, Engineering and Development of IOT Devices, Sensors, Controllers and Servers. We provided services right from rapid prototyping, MVP identification to large scale manufacturing for IOT products.


Electronics Design Engineering

Hardware Development

Embedded Software & Firmware Development

Rapid Prototyping

Manufacturing, QA and Certifications

$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
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Miramar-Panaji, India
  • KOKM Innovation center, Ground floor,
    Miramar-Panaji, GA 403001
other locations
  • 181A, Riia Street, Teadus Park,
    Tartu, Estonia, 78 50407


Key clients: 

KEY Clients: 1. Globe Telecom 2. Srijan Technologies 3. Coca - Cola 4. McDonald's 5. Sealed Air 6. McKinsey & Company 7. Gemeni Enterprises 8. Urban Alchemy Some of Our IOT Applications & Products: Tungsta: Intelligent Street Lighting System with a Cloud-based UI for controlling, monitoring and efficiently operation of street lighting fixtures remotely. Smart Access Control System Wifi-based Access Control System to keep track of employees entering secure locations. 

Tungsta - Intelligent Street Lighting Image

Tungsta - Intelligent Street Lighting

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