We dream digital

At W5labs our mission is to provide up-to-date, comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clients to enable their brands and services to excel in todays competitive domestic and international business environment.

Our clients’ trust and respect is deserved through our customer first mind-set delivered by our multi disciplinary talent pool with local and international experience.

The company started out in 2008 offering web hosting opportunities, our profile has since grown to include a wide array of services. While web development remains our main focus, thanks to our dedicated graphics team we can present our clients with the highest quality marketing and branding services as well. Today, thanks to our continually growing and skilled team, W5Labs is evolving to include other complimentary services such as Maxplainer, short animated explainer videos.

Currently, our organization boasts 30 competent members intent on solving our client's problem in the most efficient way possible, to guarantee the highest degree of satisfaction.

With a strong focus on the future we like to constantly challenge oursleves by widening our horizon and keeping up with the latest technologies and solutions.


We look forward to working with you!

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Pécs, Hungary