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VXI Global Solutions provides innovative and transformative customer care and customer experience (CX) solutions to the world’s leading brands. Throughout our worldwide organization, we foster a people-first culture that is unique in the industry, winning accolades and awards for both our positive work environment and performance excellence.  Today, there are more than 35,000 people who are part of the VXI family in 43 locations in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

We deliver contact center and BPO services, omnichannel and multilingual support, software development, CX innovation, quality assurance (QA) and infrastructure outsourcing. In addition, we’ve developed a dynamic suite of award-winning, customer care tools that enhance the entire lifecycle of the customer-care advisor. We use these tools every day within our operations and license them to clients and third parties that want to attain high levels of performance in their own operations.   

We’re one of the fastest-growing, privately-held business services organizations in the United States. Our client partners rely on our complete range of customer management contact center and technology solutions to retain and grow their customer base while maintaining the highest level of quality and operational excellence.

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An online coaching tool that focuses on assessing advisors’ performance in real-time and identifying improvement areas quickly so that swift corrective steps can be made to enhance performance. 

Performance Pro 360  has shown to reduce coaching time by 20 minutes per session and increase the average number of coaching instances by 100%.

• Track advisor performance

• Develop personalized coaching

Produce client reports


Talent Match Pro™ Image

Talent Match Pro™

To deliver the best experience, you have to recruit the best people. In customer care, that also means accounting for seasonality. Ramp faster with Talent Match Pro™. Easy to use and customizable, this tool offers a quicker, more accurate and efficient interviewing process - giving you access to the right people, at the right time.

• Segment recruiting with specialized chatbots to increase candidate pool

Prioritize the right candidates

• Increase hiring efficiency

• Coordinate across sites

VisionLog™ & VisionQA™ — Enhance Advisor Coaching Image

VisionLog™ & VisionQA™ — Enhance Advisor Coaching

VisionChat™ integrates VXI’s chat management capabilities with WeChat, one of the most popular consumer-to-business messaging platforms, to embrace social selling and experience management.

• Evaluate advisor’s voice and screen engagement

• Integrate digital IVR, CRM and QA

• Improve engagement via progress tracking

Our in-house developed technology, like our unique Training Simulator™, helps us deliver consistently exceptional experiences to your customers. This is purpose-built training platform used for new hires and tenured agents to get a scenario-based, hands-on experience with customer calls in a simulated environment.

Training Simulator is like a flight simulator, but for customer

experience instead of planes, letting people learn in a risk-free environment and helping them understand what they can do to improve customer satisfaction.

The Training Simulator™ has been successfully utilized to support several client programs across more than 20 locations in 5 countries improving performance by advisors to 40 percent with noted ameliorations in customer loyalty, FCR and AHT.


A differentiating factor at VXI? Our capability to develop purpose-built tools that meet the demands for the best customer experience throughout the customer life cycle! We do this by collaborating with our IT arm Symbio.

Symbio is a global digital services company that helps companies build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage and amaze

their customers. For over twenty years, Symbio has taken a customer-centric approach to unlock innovation and deliver exceptional products and service experience.