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Volya Software Corporation is a software development company that specializes in developing custom solutions based on heavy-duty mathematical algorithms for creating Computer Vision, Facial/Object Recognition, CAD/CAM, and 3D-visualization applications. We have the experience of implementing projects in these areas for well-known manufacturing and other companies.

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Key clients: 

Zünd Systemtechnik AG (Switzerland);

Snap-on Incorporated (USA)

Online CRM for Multi-Level Marketing Image

Online CRM for Multi-Level Marketing

Online CRM system for network marketing entrepreneurs. It is a virtual direct sales office, which includes contact management functions, a system for maintaining motivation (setting and achieving goals), e-mail marketing and sellers team (network) management.

Main functionality

Contact management

Allows tracking all customer interactions (calls, appointments,

tasks, etc.). Systematized information on activity is clearly presented via dashboards. Advanced contact filtering available.

E-mail marketing

Sending messages to contacts individually or to target groups. Engaging letter templates editor. Postal services integration.

Business management module

The user can visually track the lead’s movement through all stages of the sales funnel and determine which actions bring the best effect. The module includes a goal-setting system, an action log, a calendar, reports, and statistics.

Team management

Allows to maintain constant communication with the sales team, share templates and letters scripts, documents, organize campaigns and pieces of training. Contains motivation incentive functionality.

3D plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

The customer is Zünd Systemtechnik AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of flatbed cutting plotters. The main task was creating a multifunctional plug-in based on Adobe Illustrator that allows easily design packages and displays based on predefined templates. The task also included the possibility simulate folding of the models to verify the validity and precision of the parameters submitted; preview of 3D models of products;

logos and inscriptions placement; the option to download presentation files and other functions. Volya engineers successfully created the solution called Zünd Design Center. Without intermediate operations allowing prepared design to be imported for direct use by production equipment. The Volya's team continues to participate in the development of new features and product support.

AutoCAD and BricsCAD plug-ins development for designing solar power plants

Client’s goals for the project were the creation of a correctly working installer based on an open source software and development of BricsCAD version of the plug-in. Also among the priorities were organizing the system’s functional and fixing any issues found during the testing phase.

Our CAD development team has finished and expanded previously existed export feature in SolarSpeed (added json format) and created

stable installers for BricsCAD with functionality mirrored from AutoCAD by 80%. Installer project has been transferred from a paid MSIFactory to a free InnoSetup, added an installer version utilizing WIX Tools.

Machine vision for cutting equipment

The customer is Zünd Systemtechnik AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of multifunctional digital equipment for cutting (flatbed cutting plotters). The main task was creating the software for quick and high accuracy recognition position of the object on the cutter table using a high-resolution camera placed above the working surface.

Volya team has developed highly efficient intelligent recognition algorithms. All the

objects on the working surface of the 6 by 3 m. are recognized simultaneously in just 4-7 seconds thanks to this special algorithms system. The application automates the cutting, minimizing the necessary manual operations. This significantly speeds up the production process and reduces the wear of the tool mechanisms.

Technologies used

  • C / C ++
  • Qt Framework.
  • OpenCV
  • Coherent Point Drift (CPD)
  • Eigen library (library of linear algebra for C ++)
  • Inter-Process Communications