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We are an international company established in 2009 with the headquarters in London and the offices in United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and Poland. We are famous for the combination of 3D visualisation techniques and the latest IT solutions. Our outstanding team of highly skilled professionals in Visualisation and IT always delivers results of the highest quality in time. We work with passion because we love what we do and we do it really well.

We also get actively involved in VR projects, mobile app and web development. VisEngine doesn’t stop progressing and improving skills. We follow the latest technologies to ensure the best quality of performance in the shortest time and competitive price.

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Real Estate Developers, Property Developers, Property Marketing Agencies, Automotive Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Yacht Developers, Furniture Manufacturers
Sunrise - Architectural Animation Image

Sunrise - Architectural Animation


Playa Nueva Romana is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the Dominican Republic. Here, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, you will find all that you need to maintain the highest standards of living.

Sunrise Project — paradise away from routine.

Client: Bahia Principe Residences

Location: Playa Nueva Romana, Dominican Republic

Tools used: Corona Renderer, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects


Real-time Rendering App (Unreal Engine)

Real-time rendering app powered by Unreal Engine is a new take on the ideal performance of real estate. This solution makes it possible for homebuyers – no matter where they are to visit in real time each and every room in their new home, feel the space and dimensions of house or apartment, discover interior design ideas and explore views outside the window.

You are fully in control of what is happening on

the screen. By changing certain settings, you can move around, open and close doors and windows, switch on and off light or TV, remove parts of the walls or even the whole roof to see a building from another angle.

Our app can be displayed onto shop windows, interactive tables and large format touchscreens.

Mouthguard 3D Configurator Image

Mouthguard 3D Configurator

Nowadays configurators are widely used in different spheres. 3D configurator may be applied almost in any industry where you work with modifications or details of the same product. These endless possibilities make it a perfect tool for sales.

Placing 3D configurator on your website or using it as a separate application is completely up to you. Each option has its advantages. In the first case a customer picks all the

desirable parameters on their own, and as an option, they can immediately see the price of the item in this or that configuration. The second alternative is a great portable option for sales agents.

3D configurator allows taking the best decision out of all possible configurations based on customer’s needs and preferences. The final choice is given to the client and the final option is completely the product of their imagination and desire. The manufacturer only provides a tool for its implementation.
Interactive Masterplan App Image

Interactive Masterplan App

Why does your business need a 3D Masterplan?

If you work in real estate – whether you are a developer, or an architect or any other player on the market – Interactive 3D Masterplan is a great flexible and multifunctional tool for you. It is indispensable as informational presentation for investors and a brilliant marketing assistant during the stage of sales. It is not just a picture or a

panorama – a spectator is literally becoming part of the space.

As Interactive 3D Masterplan offers full immersion, client is able not only to look at the building from above or around it, but also to ‘enter’ it. Interactive 3D tour has proved to be an efficient promotional tool. Customer is not restricted to a simple schematic plan of the building, images or video tours. Owing to the effect of being there, they have an opportunity to feel the space and dimensions of the apartment, discover ideas of design of their future apartment and see the view outside the window.

Interactive 3D Masterplan is becoming a new level and a tool in the sphere of 3D visualization. Expand your horizons during presentation of real estate and assess the benefits of this method in real time.

Barcode Project - Architectural 3D Animation (General Masterplan)

https://youtu.be/0Ju1h8V6Nnk A controversial, highly debated and yet incredibly spectacular project in Oslo, Barcode Project buildings has already become a recognizable landscape. Can't argue with that - under the neon lights the quarter looks amazing! This wonderful view reproduced by VisEngine team was inspired by the urban landscape of the old city. Location: Oslo,

Norway Architectural 3D Animation: VisEngine Digital Solutions Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VisEngineDigitalSolutions/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/visengine_d_s/
Virtual Reality Tour "Port de la Mer" Image

Virtual Reality Tour "Port de la Mer"


Virtual Reality tours for real estate offer limitless business opportunities. With VR technology it’s easier than ever before — it is a unique opportunity to travel anywhere without leaving your home.

Modern devices and technologies

allow you to step beyond the ordinary and make your imagination a reality. CGI Virtual Reality Tours for property developers are not just a marketing advantage, it's a space for creativity, the implementation of your ideas and plans.

Try it once and you will definitely want to plunge into this wonderful atmosphere again. Experiment, explore, discover new opportunities for yourself and your business with VisEngine.

Virtual Reality Tour for Real Estate Marketing Image

Virtual Reality Tour for Real Estate Marketing