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Fleet Management Companies

IT companies supporting automobile vendors.


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Software Dev & MVP Build for Professional Services Company

"High-quality scalable architecture with minimal cost."

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The Project
June 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Virsog Tech Private Limited provided MVP development and testing. Their team also designed a presentation. 

The Reviewer
10,001+ employees
Bengaluru, India
Engineering Lead, Professional Services Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Virsog Tech Private Limited created an innovative solution. Their team was available, responsive, and on-time. 

The client submitted this review online.


Please introduce your company and position.

I am the engineering director of a product company


What was the business challenge or purpose of your project?

Purpose of the project was to build an MVP for fleet management and tracking.


Please explain the scope of the project in some detail.  What were you looking for?  What kinds of services did they provide? 

We were looking for building a minimum viable product for fleet management and tracking. They were part of this assignment running few days of inception meeting, detailed deck presentation, designing the architecture of the project, development and testing.

How many people from the partner’s team were assigned to the work?

7 people were part of this project. 3 developer, 2 tester, 1 BA and 1 Project Manager

When did the project begin and end?  

Started in June 2019 and will end by December 2020


Please share observations or metrics that demonstrate the impact of the partner’s work:

Using this innovative solution, our customers could easily manage and monitor different status of their vehicles at the real time. It allows to create trip easily, triggering various real time events and generates driver score once the trip is completed.

How did the partner perform from a project management standpoint?  How did you communicate?

We have a weekly meeting with the development team. Team is always available and responsive. They always complete the planned assignments on time. We follow agile/scrum model. They were actively involved in sprint grooming sessions, demos and retrospective meetings.

What distinguishes this company from other providers? What did you find most impressive?

Innovative approach in building a product from the scratch

High quality work. Bugs were very minimal.

High quality scalable architecture with minimal cost 

Is there something the partner could have done better or differently?

Nope. I am fully satisfied with their work

What advice would you give to someone else considering to work with this company?

If you are looking for a complete product development, you can definitely choose this company. Their costing is quite fair which any company can afford.

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